Do you own or operate a movie theater and are looking to entice your guests to spend a little more time at your venue before they see a movie? Then we can help!

Movie theaters have long been a place where extra, empty space has been converted into an arcade, but how effective that space is at earning depends on the mixture of games you have on hand. Fortunately, many modern arcade games use licensed content that is often tied to a new film produced by Hollywood. Elevate any waiting area or empty space in your lobby with something tied to a hot new film!

PrimeTime Amusements has extensive experience in selling to venues of every kind around the world. Some of that also includes our massive operations across the state of Florida.  Such operations across a diverse range of locations allows us to know exactly what kind of game room setup works with your location and clientele – an advantage that our competitors can’t match.

After we get some information on your business and your clientele, we can put together a customized list of recommended games; however, the following is a list of titles that either are commonly purchased by similar businesses or are known to do well in this kind of venue. Take this with our recommendations to create a unique arcade space that will differ from your competitors! If you have an area with food service (particularly a bar) that also has space for some game machines, you can also check out our page tailored towards bar/arcades.

The Hottest Titles For Movie Theater Lobby Areas In 2023

(Click on the hyperlinks below to visit the product pages; note that most games can be set to Free Play or have separated non-coin models)

Fast & Furious Arcade by Raw THrills

As a huge film franchise, you can never go wrong with Fast & Furious Arcade – a strong earner no matter what releases are hitting the screen

Mission: Impossible Arcade by Sega Amusements

As one of the most popular & action-packed movie franchises around, you can now become an IMF agent in Mission: Impossible Arcade by Sega Amusements. Also available in a smaller DX model.

Jurassic Park Arcade by Raw ThrillsStill one of the best earning titles on the market, Jurassic Park Arcade is a must have for any theater! (Raw Thrills)

Jumanji arcade redemption game by Sega Amusements

Have ticket redemption? Then you’ll want to grab Jumani, licensed from one of the biggest modern film franchises!

The Movie Scene Photobooth by Apple Industries/Face Place Photo

Help your customers take home more great memories than just seeing a movie at your venue with the Movie Scene Booth (Apple Industries), a photo booth made specially  for movie theaters. Interested in a different booth? Many themes are available – check them out here

HaloAssaultCab 300x300

Alien blasting action with worldwide recognition in Halo: Fireteam Raven (Raw Thrills)

Mario Kart Arcade GP DX By Bandai Namco

Also one of the biggest names in video games, Mario Kart Arcade GP DX (Bandai Namco) is an excellent pick and can link multiple units together.

Transformers Shadows Rising by Sega Amusements

Tap into the multi-billion dollar Transformers franchise with Transformers: Shadows Rising by Sega Amusements.

Prize World redemption set by Smart Industries

Adapt your offerings to the latest hit movies with a crane machine that you can fill with related plush. Browse our large collection of available cranes here.

The Walking Dead Arcade machine by Play Mechanix & Raw ThrillsHouse Of The Dead Scarlet Dawn video arcade game by Sega Amusements

There are always zombie movies hitting the screen, so grab that appeal with one of two major zombie arcade games on the market now: The Walking Dead (Raw Thrills) or House of the Dead Scarlet Dawn (Sega Amusements)

Typhoon: 10th Anniversary Edition by Triotech (Trio-tech)

One of the most popular games to land in arcades has been the Typhoon motion theater (TrioTech). It’s a mini-theater for your big theater! The ride films only last for about 3 minutes, allowing users to enjoy motion & wind effects on a virtual roller coaster. Now available in the 10th anniversary model with 4K graphics. 

Add Your Logo To An Arcade Basketball Machine!

Promote your theater or brand and/or partners with a customized game like a basketball machine! Click here for more details.

Prize Arrow instant redemption by Sega Amusements

Just like the crane machines, merchandisers can also allow you to offer higher value licensed or related prizes to your most popular films. Check out machines like Prize Arrow by Sega Amusements.

That is just a small sampling of the many great games that are available now. Click here to browse our Featured Games category!

Do You Carry Used Games?

Yes we do! Our Certified Pre-Owned Games program has provided fully refurbished games to clients all over the world. Stock does change frequently, but thanks to our game operations across the state of Florida, we have new arrivals coming in all the time. Click here to browse our current selection.

How Do I Purchase?

Give us a call at 1.800.550.0090 or email us here for more information on your purchase. For payment, we accept bank wire transfers and now Paypal (smaller purchases only on the latter)!

We also have different financing options available. Click here to find out more. 

What About Shipping?

Buying the games for your business is only the first step in the process – getting the equipment there and inside is just as important. At PrimeTime Amusements, we have extensive experience in shipping equipment around the world and can assist you in this process to remove the headaches. Pricing quoted will include curbside w/liftgate costs; please ask us about other shipping methods. Note that the setup and installation of games is not included.

All games can be custom programmed as a “Free-Play” feature prior to shipping.

Thank you for your time and we look forward to serving your amusement needs!