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Fast & Furious Arcade


Drive Fast, Play Furious
Installed Dimensions [Single]:  H: 106.75″ W: 57.25″ D: 119.25
Shipping Dimensions: TBA
Electrical: 120V @ 20A
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Raw Thrills



Drive a supercar and perform crazy stunts in Fast & Furious by Raw Thrills

Fast & Furious is the 4th game in The Fast and The Furious arcade racing series. The last time the franchise graced the scene was with Fast & Furious Super Cars. In this game, players race a licensed, modded out supercar against the computer or a real rival, earning in-game cash and completing track-specific missions to further upgrade your vehicle. With 8 licensed supercars and 6 courses which span the world over, this is a guaranteed hit for any arcade.

Further boosting the game’s appeal is the cabinet design. F&F stacks two 65″ UHD screens on top of each other to make for a unique image, the top screen showing the course as well as additional information. The seat is then placed on a motion base to make for a simulator feel, with the game reacting to virtual vehicle movement. This all makes for a gaming experience that cannot sensibly or realistically be reproduced at home.

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Raw Thrills’ Fast & Furious Features:

– Fully licensed from Universal Studios

– Exclusive to arcades

– 6 crazy open-circuit tracks to race, each with specific “missions” to drive replay value

– 8 licensed supercars, which can be enhanced

– QR-based account system

– Standard force feedback steering wheel w/ brake & gas pedal controls; Motion stop, view & tunes buttons

– Enhanced handling over previous F&F games

– 2x 65″ UHD (4K resolution) screens (NOTE: Is is NOT recommended to move the machine while the 2nd monitor is attached!)

– Powered by a modern Lenovo PC & graphics card to ensure solid 60fps play at 4K

– Thrill-D air bladder-based motion system

– Camera for player avatars

– Final cabinet will be available in four colors: Red, Orange, Green & Yellow. Please specify which color(s) you want at time of purchase.

– Link up to eight cabinets for incredible multiplayer fun

– Coin or card swipe compatible

Available Options

– Receive a FREE backlit topper marquee with every twin unit purchase!

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