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Sports Simulator



The Most Versatile Virtual Sporting Simulator Ever Made 
Installed Dimensions: Customized to the location
Shipping Dimensions: CALL
Electrical: 110V/220V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Sports Simulator Ltd.



Are you looking for a simulator to put into your venue that can handle a wide variety of sports? Then Sports Simulator is for you!

Versatility and replay value are baked into the Sports Simulator as it offers 60+ sports for customers to choose from, including: American Football (Gridiron, depending upon the region), Soccer(Football, depending upon the region), Basketball, Baseball, Golf(along with several variations), Dodgeball, Tennis, Badminton, Volleyball, Pickleball, Bocce, Bowling, Hockey, and much more!

Sports Simulator - Sports selection

Players select their chosen sport and then can choose from over 1,500+ playable game challenges across those sporting categories. Compete alone or against friends and family. The simulator also allows the avid sports fan to select where they play, featuring over 3,500 world famous sports stadiums! The Sports Simulator will bring customers back just so they can explore what is has to offer.

Sports Simulator uses a projector, combined with a sophisticated sensor system to detect the needed interactions within the game space. Units are available for FECs and can be further customized to your needs!


Sports Simulator Features

– Designed to help train athletes, this system is now available for the general sports fan to enjoy

– Tailored option for FECs available; Further customization and branding options

– Imagery is projected onto the front wall or all three walls (front, left, and right) using high-quality digital projector

– Intricate IR & camera sensor network to detect movement(rendered example>

Over 60 sports available, with many game variations, including American Football, baseball, basketball, bowling, ice hockey, bowling, golf, pickleball, archery, and much more!

– Over 1,500 different total game challenges (spread across the 60+ sports)

– Players can choose from 3,500 real-world stadiums which are rendered around them

– Built-in advertising features

– Any excellent attraction for any FEC!



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