• NBA Hoops Basketball (Quad linked) by ICE

NBA Hoops Basketball



Basketball Fun With Officially Licensed NBA Logos and Teams
Installed Dimensions: H 108″, W 30″, D 120″ Weight: 750 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: Multiple boxes:
101″ x 37″ x 61″ 2pcs stacked, 603 lbs.
92″ x 4″ x 54″ loose box, 93 lbs.
87″ x 10″ x 37″ loose box, 51 lbs
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Innovative Concepts in Entertainment (ICE)



(4-player linked setup pictured; pricing quoted is for a single unit)

Maintaining popularity for many years is no easy task in the entertainment business but NBA Hoops by ICE is one of those titles capable of keeping players coming back for more every time they visit.

The latest models of the NBA Hoops have been re-designed with an all metal and fully adjustable front cabinet, hardwood floor, NBA-sized hoops to accommodate 9″ basketballs for greater realism, and a tough polycarbonate backboard for more realistic scoring and durability. As their name suggests, the units feature licensed NBA logos and teams! All you have to do is specify which team you want and it will be customized to include the team’s logos and color theming. Likewise, you can opt for a generic model that does not feature any NBA theming on it.

ICE’s NBA Hoops Features:

– Officially licensed NBA product

– Choose from any current NBA team to be featured on your machine

– Large footprint and regulation size hoop & balls makes for an excellent challenge

– Large numerical LED time clock near the top of the backboard shows current time in the round

– Control panel features smaller numerical LED displays for time, credits, score and current player

– Two points awarded per basket until the last 10 seconds when it changes to 3 pointers

– Linkable up to four (4) units for multiplayer action

– No moving hoop means less maintenance!

– Ticket redemption also available

– Ships with a standard 2-slot coin door; DBA and card swipe ready; free play mode built into the game

Need a smaller model for the kids? Check out the NBA Hoop Troop!

Looking for an alternate NBA basketball machine design? Try the new NBA Game Time, also by ICE

Available Options – Please Call For Price

– Dollar Bill Acceptor (DBA)

– Ticket DispenserNBA Hoops Deluxe Marquee Linking Sign

– LED lighting upgrade kit (pictured right; also available to retrofit older units)

– Deluxe bonus marquee for linked units

– Link kit with beacon light

– 220V power operation

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