Looking for a low-cost, all-inclusive MINI-KARTING solution where safety and technology are the best in the industry? Look no further than RACE PARX, a system that only needs 3,000 Sq. ft. to operate! Turn any dead space at your facility into a revenue generating attraction.

The Go-Karts

Any go-kart system is as good as its vehicles and to cover their bases, Race Parx offers two models: The XRL8 Mini and the XRL8 Speedster. The minis are designed to cater to children from 3-9 years of age, while Speedsters are great for ages 10+.

Contrast and compare the two models and their features

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Track Barriers

It’s not much of a course if there are no safety barriers. Race Parx offers interlocking barriers that are easy to setup and maintain, can be filled with 25lbs. of sand or water, are suitable for indoor or outdoor use, and absorb shocks and impacts while preventing major damage from happening to the karts themselves. Barriers are available in blue or yellow:

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Timing System

You can’t have much of a race if there are no rules or times, so Race Parx’s transponder based lap timing system will take care of that for you. The system measures both lap and segment times while managing practice sessions, qualifying, and race formats. Lap times can be displayed on a TV so that bystanders and those waiting can see what the current results happen to be. Even better is that there are no monthly fees to use it, and it’s easy to train your staff as to its use.

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Helmets & Collars

Safety is a top priority for every go-kart setup and with Race Parx’s designs, you’ll not only enjoy several industry standard safety features, you’ll enjoy them in great style too. Race Parx offers affordable helmets for both kids and adults which have been tailored to provide a comfortable fit while offering great protection to the riders. The T3 design in particular comes with an adjustable visor and removable and washable liner and cheek pads for repeated comfort.

  • PU core and ballistic nylon outer shell
  • Low profile design
  • Available in multiple designs/colors
  • Removable and washable liner

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The R2 Race Collar’s low-profile design easily connects to most roost deflectors to help prevent injuries to the neck area when placed between the helmet and shoulders. The R2 Race Collar features a removable, washable liner and an easy-to-use front entry system.

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