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Magix Floor Virtual Playground (Redemption Kiosk Model)


Interactive Floor System With Dozens Of Titles Available
Installed Dimensions: 2 Configurations
Click Here For Config 1 / Click Here For Config 2
Shipping Dimensions: Please Call
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Touch Magix


Financing Available Through A Primetime Amusements Financing Partner

Make your floor interactive with the Magix Floor projection entertainment system by TouchMagix.

The Magix Floor Magic Box system uses a multi-point projection mapping system that is aimed at the special floor mat directly in front of the snazzy game kiosk. Users pick from several games using the built-in touchscreen, then play everything else just with their feet! This limits the amount of hand-touch needed to interact with the game, which makes it unique among modern arcade gaming pieces. The game cabinet can also dispense tickets, allowing you to operate it as a video redemption piece if you wish. Further boosting it’s versatility, the system supports over 100 games for your patrons to enjoy, with new titles being released at reasonable prices that you can download and install onto the system. Most applications have also been specifically created for the FEC market, and the income reports from the Magix Floor shows that it is a big success!.

Operators can also customize various aspects of the Magix Floor to increase appeal and revenues for their location. This includes adding your own logo to the software and creating a schedule of software to play that fits with your facility or special events.

Check out the Magix Floor from this quick manufacturer produced video. More videos are found down below.

Other models of the Magix Floor are also available, including a kioskless floor and interactive wall version. Unsure which one is the best setup for you? Give us a call!

Touch Magix’s Magix Floor Features

– Unique system that offers hands-free, foot controlled gaming

– Great for arcades, FECs, museums, gyms, schools and more!

– Easy to maintain and clean

– Over 100 games available (please call regarding which titles are included with the unit at the time of purchase)

– Easy installation

– Integration with all POS for Card Swipe & Virtual Redemption

– Kiosk unit eliminates the need for an attendant, taking cash coin or your card system and offering a touchscreen tablet style interface

– Modular Gaming floor is configurable in two different sizes and is perfect to cover darker floor designs or carpet

– Also produced in non-kiosk models that work with a floor or wall; or a separate mountable projection unit.

Available Options – Please Call For Price

– Additional games with dozens of titles available

– Ticket dispenser

– On-site installation service

Additional Videos

Gameplay of one title:

Older model:

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