• San Francisco Rush 2049 Special Edition Twin

San Francisco Rush 2049 (Twin)


Take Your Race To The Future In This Awesome Racing Game
Installed Dimensions (twin unit): H: 78″, W: 68″, D: 64″
(27″ Monitor)
Weight: 1200 lbs.
Condition: Certified Pre-Owned
Year of Release: 1999
Manufacturer: Atari Games Corp.


Get ready for a rush unlike any other in video games with Atari Games’ San Francisco Rush 2049. This is the sequel to San Francisco Rush and San Francisco Rush The Rock.

This listing is for the Rush 2029 Twin model; single units may be available and the game can link up to eight units.

The main difference that Rush 2049 offers is indicated in the title. Instead of trying to recreate contemporary tracks and cars, this game jumped fifty years into the future, envisioning the status of both San Francisco and vehicles as they might be at the time. This creates a unique environment for the game while maintaining the mechanics that made the first two Rush games so memorable.

Rush 2049 also made the hardware side of the game distinct by using a high-quality, 5ch, 5-speaker sound system that included a subwoofer under the player’s seat; a shifter attached to the right side of the player seat as opposed to the dashboard and even a clutch pedal for experienced players to enjoy the higher top speed benefits of playing that style. A keypad was integrated into the panel so that players could create local machine accounts and track their progress as they could score top times in each of the three difficulty tiers; the game also incentivized repeat play by hiding 99 coins around the five tracks.

Rush 2049 is the perfect blend of arcade fantasy with technical simulation that made this into an iconic game that players still seek out today.

What Makes San Francisco Rush 2049 Twin Special?

– Most sought after entry within the San Francisco Rush series

– Race through the streets of a futuristic San Francisco using seven different, futuristic cars

– Five incredibly detailed tracks are closed circuit courses where elements of each track changes on each lap. Sometimes a shortcut on one lap isn’t the best to use on the next!

– High replay value thanks to player accounts that track score progress as well as miles driven (more miles unlocked new paint jobs, cars and a special track)

– Atari Games’ patented force feedback system is used for the precision steering wheel

– Graphics are displayed on the high resolution 27″ monitor; powered by Atari’s Denver hardware platform for high, consistent framerates. Ask about converting to a monitor LCD monitor!

– 4-gear shifter system with a clutch pedal for advanced players

– Link Up To Eight (8) units for multiplayer excitement!

– A “Special Edition” of Rush 2049 was also released featuring more tracks, cars and replay value! Please ask about availability and price.

– San Francisco Rush 2049 is no longer produced and is only available used. Please call for availability. All used units are fully refurbished meaning that they will be ready to operate once it arrives at your location.


Check out San Francisco RUSH 2049 in action:

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