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Jurassic Park [Premium Model]



Can You Survive The Dangers Of Jurassic Park?
Installed Dimensions: H: 75.5″ W: 21″ D: 55″ Weight: 250 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: H: 56″ W: 31″ D: 31″ Weight: 280 lbs.
Electrical: 110V @ 8A
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Stern Pinball


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Few franchises have captured the imagination of the general public as Jurassic Park.Now you can enjoy a modern take on the franchise with Stern Pinball’s Jurassic Park, the third appearance of the series in the pinball genre. This listing is for the Premium & LE models; Pro Editions are also available!

Designed by Keith Elwin (a new designer who created Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast), Jurassic Park is crafted to take you into the terrifying world of the hit 1993 film that was directed by Steven Spielberg. The path to a high score is fraught with danger, as you must rescue park staffers and put dinosaurs back in their cages by hitting the right targets. Unlock four different multiball modes for additional excitement. You also collect “Perks” that enhance your scoring and will stick with you through your full game.

For standard features, the Premium model includes: 3 flippers, 4 ramps with 2 half-pipes, 3 pop bumpers, 4 up-posts, 4 multiball modes, a spitter spinning target and the original theatrical musical score by John Williams. Toys include: Jungle Explorer Jeep (mechanical), 3D molded T-Rex & wire fence with raptor target.

Premium/LE Models include the following enhancements over the Pro: Animatronic T-Rex head that eats and spits the ball out onto the playfield; spinning metal helicopter that interacts with the ball; Kinetic lunging raptor+target; 4 up-posts instead of 3; mosquito in amber pop-bumper caps; unique cabinet and backglass artwork.

LE models are limited to 500 units, comes with a unique HD art package, certificate of authenticity, anti-reflection glass, a shaker motor for game feedback, hunter green metallic coating, sideblade artwork and everything else you’d expect from a Limited Edition pinball machine!

Check out the Jurassic Park Reveal produced by Stern Pinball! Shows all three models.

Click here to download/view the Jurassic Park Features Matrix, to compare features across the different models [PDF file]

September 2021: This game is compatible with the new Stern Insider Connected network. Stay tuned for more details!

Stern Pinball’s Jurassic Park [Premium] Features:

– Licensed from Universal Studios and based upon the beloved 1993 film that was an adaptation of the classic novel by Michael Crichton.

– Attractive theme to people of all ages – adults have fond memories of the 90’s films, kids always love dinosaurs

– Designed by Keith Elwin; artwork by pro artist Johnny Bergeron AKA “Johnny Crap”

– Major Targets/Toys: Kinetic spinning Newton ball jungle explorer vehicle; molded+animatronic T-Rex & Kinetic Raptor pen & target

– 4 stainless/plastic and wire ramps

– 3 flippers,  pop-bumpers & spell-out rules; 4 up-posts

– Spitter spinning target

– 4 different multiballs ranging from 2 to 6 balls

– Playfield paddock map and inserts for player to traverse, culminating in 3 mini-jackpots and a super jackpot

–  Incredible rendered LCD graphic scenes using Stern’s SPIKE hardware system

 – Stern Insider Connected compatible!

–  John Williams’ iconic Jurassic theme music

– Plethora of operator options to adjust the game to your location needs; also works great for home use!

– Comes with a standard 2-slot coin door; DBA and card swipe ready

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