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Minions Soccer



Can Kevin Keep You From Scoring The Goals?
Installed Dimensions: H: 104″ W: 44″ D: 92″ Weight: 680 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: TBA
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Coastal Amusements



Minions Soccer

Now is your chance to prove what you’ve got – you just have Kevin the Minion standing in your way!

Minions Soccer by Coastal Amusements, brings the challenge of the penalty kick to the forefront, using the same tried and true game design found with Coastal’s The Simpsons Soccer. Once the game begins, you have a limited amount of time (operator adjustable) to score as many goals as possible, kicking the real ball inside of the cage at the goal. A large, sculpted model of Kevin the Minion looks to block your attempts, constantly moving around the chamber. A swinging target within the goal also awards bonus points if hit.

See how Minions Soccer plays, as seen at IAAPA 2018. Video available in 4K UHD; subscribe to us on YouTube to stay up-to-date with the latest product videos!

Coastal Amusements’ Minions Soccer Features:

– Officially licensed and exclusive game experience for arcades – you can’t get this on your phone!

– Theme and gameplay that is appealing to kids and adults alike

– Gets players moving; great for locations with a focus on fitness

– Score as many goals as you can within the time limit using the white ball

– Durable straps are soft on player’s feet, but are made to withstand a beating

– Steel cage cabinet is distinctive and durable

– Uses a giant 48″ RGB LED dot matrix display for animations and scoreboard

– 3D sculpted “Kevin the Minion” goalie is mounted to a rotating platform

– Moving target sensor for bonus points

– RGB LED’s along the side further enhance the game look and appearance

– Ticket dispenser included

– Ships with two standard coin slots; card swipe compatible

– Bank two or more units together to drive friendly competitions among players

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