Wild Bull Live

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Play Steel Tip Darts W/ Traditional Scoring Online
Installed Dimensions: H 86″, W 24″, L 24″ Weight: 200lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: Please call
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Merlin Technologies

The Wild Bull LIVE Steel Tip Electronic Dart Machine by Merlin Technologies is a professional grade dartboard design for use in specific commercial applications. It provides all of the same features as Merlin’s standard Wild Bull dartboard, such as using a genuine English bristle dartboard, while providing for advanced new features.

Sporting a more advanced control panel and a full color, HD screen marquee, Wild Bull LIVE easily stands out in any location. Merlin has also added a new camera system & remote-referee that allows you to not only compete with another connected machine but also to where you can see your competitor in the other venue! Users can also enjoy player & location ranking lists, online leagues & tournaments while operators can manage such events with ease. You can even use the marquee as a billboard to advertise your location or another product. Top that off with a laser throwing line projection system and this becomes the ‘must have’ electronic dartboard for your venue.

Just like the standard Wild Bull, Wild Bull LIVE also uses a league-approved, electronic bristle dart board scores both Steel and Soft Tip Darts (with no weight limit). If a dart bounces  or falls out during the round, you lose the points. The sensor system is also able to tell if someone tries to cheat by hand placing darts into the target, nullifying the points! This conforms to the rules laid out by the Professional Darts Corporation.

The electronic side of the game has over thirty (30) dart games to choose from. This includes player favorites like 301, 501, 1001, Cricket and many other games. The telescopic design combines convenience with the style, feel and sophistication of darts in its most classic form, allowing you to easily package the game for use in other locations. The Wild Bull “arcade style” board represent everything casual and league players have been waiting for, along with the extreme accuracy and the highest performance professionals expect.

NOTE: COMMERCIAL USE ONLY. These boards are NOT available for home use due to the online tournament system. Sales are also limited to specific territories. Give us a call and we can find out if it is available to go into your area.

Merlin Technologies’ Wild Bull LIVE Dartboard Features:

– Improved dartboard design built for commercial & online play

– Play with other users around the country at the same time!

– Player ID system allows players to optionally setup a user profile; log-in with a player card as well!

– Modern look that is enhanced by the 19″ LCD marquee screen. Screen features a protective cover for stray darts

– Genuine English bristle dartboard designed for usage of Steel Tip or even Soft Tip darts

– Patented steel dart detection system

– Automatic red laser throwing line

– Keypad for player setup & controls

– Conforms to traditional darts rules, removing points for fallouts & bounces; not counting hand inserted darts

– Features 30 different darts games built into the software

– Can track 1-4 players while also allowing for real-time cross-site play and online leagues & tournaments

– Telescopic cabinet collapses the top part into the lower body, allowing the operator to easily transport the board to a new location

– Easy to calibrate if changes are made to the dartboard  (such as rotating it or replacing)

– Remote referee system let’s you operate tournaments from a different location

– Ships with a single slot coin door; can be set to free play or use a Dollar Bill Acceptor (DBA)

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