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Asteroids Recharged [3-player DX]



An Arcade Juggernaut Returns With New Features
Installed Dimensions: TBA
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Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Alan-1 Inc.




The ultimate arcade classic returns with Asteroids Recharged by Alan-1 Inc. and Atari. This listing is for the 3-player model.

Based upon the classic powerhouse arcade title that was originally released by Atari back in 1979, Asteroids Recharged takes that beloved title and packs in more action and features to stand out for today’s arcade scene. This version has also been heavily modified from the home console game which it is based upon, so that it isn’t the same game. Being classic arcade fans themselves, Alan-1 has taken pains to ensure that this version plays more true to the original, while offering up a number of features and changes that will make the game appeal to a whole new generation of gamers.

Players take control of a spaceship that faces off against endless waves of asteroids that break apart into smaller pieces once hit. The game is broken up into waves, where you can pick something easier, or more challenging, once you begin. You also have to be on the look out for alien UFOs, some of which leave power-ups, others that will attack you on sight. Use the power-ups to gain an advantage with new kinds of firepower, rack up the most points to land on the leaderboards, and work together as a team to survive the cosmic onslaught!

Available in 2- and 3-player configurations, both games come with the same software. The main difference is in the hardware, with the 3-player coming in at a larger footprint, featuring an extra player, and it using a larger 55″ screen.

Check out the 2-player version of Asteroids Recharged from Amusement Expo 2024.Video available in true 4K UHD; subscribe to us on YouTube to stay up-to-date with the latest product videos!

Alan-1 Inc.’s Asteroids Recharged Features

– One of the top video games from the 1980s returns to the arcade
– Officially licensed from Atari
– Comic book style artwork covers the cabinet
– Classic, points focused gameplay
– LED lighting around the monitor, in the marquee and on the control panel
– Uses the same layout of controls as the original: 5 buttons (left/right rotate; Hyperspace; Thrust; Fire)
– Graphics displayed on a 55″ HD screen
– 2.1ch sound system with subwoofer & amp
– Wave-based gameplay allows players to pick their difficulty upon start
– Special hardware features! Control panel rumble; wind effects; internal pinball knocker
– Ticket redemption feature (optional)
– Local and online leaderboards using the Major League eSports app on the latter
– Coin or card swipe ready
– Great addition to an arcade that also has Centipede Chaos or World’s Largest Pac-Man

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