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Compact Basketball



Battle As A Beast And Collect Cool Cards
Installed Dimensions: H:102~122″ W:43″ D: 96″ Weight: 772lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: H:76″ W:34.6″ D: 45″ Weight: 816lbs.
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: WIK / IGPM Group



Looking for a commercial quality basketball game that can fit through standard doors? Then the Compact Basketball machine by Wik might be the perfect pick for you.

As with any other arcade basketball machine, this game challenges players to shoot as many hoops as possible before the clock runs out. Play is divided up into 4 rounds, and at the end you see if you’ve logged the best high score. If not, credit up and try again!

Compact Basketball stands out for two reasons – awesome RGB LED effects that are integrated into the T-molding and the speakers; Then by the “compact” size. This can easily break down to fit through any standard 36″ door way. Once setup however, it has the same dimensions as a normal basketball machine.

Wik’s Compact Basketball Features

– More compact version of the Wik Basketball
– Classic arcade sports gameplay
– Attractive art and cabinet design
– Enhanced with RGB LED fixtures
– RGB LED matrix back display for timer, score, game animations
– Ships with five basketballs
– Easy to transport and can pass through 26″ wide doorways and 31″ hallways
– Digital sounds and music
– Ships with an electronic coin comparator

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