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Black Emperor



Race As Far As You Can To Psychedelic Japanese Rock Music
Installed Dimensions: H: 70″ W: 25.5″ D: 30.5″ Weight: 295 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: CALL
Electrical: 120V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: BumbleBear Games



Get ready for the ride of your life in Black Emperor by BumbleBear Games.

Black Emperor is a fast paced motorcycle racing game that is unlike any other on the market. Instead of using handlebar controllers or a bike seat, it’s a compact, upright game cabinet. The controller is a roller device that works like a two-directional trackball. Use it to navigate the road, which blazes along in a different road pattern with every week. The goal is to stay on the road for as many meters as is possible; hit the side of the road and its game over. It is an easy to learn but difficult to master style of gameplay that will keep people coming back for more.

Black Emperor’s design was inspired by Japanese motorcycle culture from the 1970s known as “bōsōzoku.” This is reflected not only in the cabinet art, but in the graphics and heart-pounding soundtrack. Even if a customer doesn’t know what bōsōzoku is, they can find appeal in its bold,

Check out Black Emperor from this manufacturer produced trailer

BumbleBear’s Black Emperor Features

– Unique speed-runner style game with a motorcycle theme
– Stylish “bōsōzoku” style artwork
– Procedurally generated levels featuring 3 unique desert landscapes
– New track every week with fast-paced, thrilling game play
– “Kumabachi SuperWheel” roller controller & button accelerator
– High-speed throttle fan blows wind in the player’s face
– Graphics displayed on a 23″ widescreen LCD monitor
– Original psychedelic rock soundtrack featuring 3 brutalizing tracks
– Compact footprint makes it a perfect game for any location
– Online enabled for updates and new features
– Ships with a standard Suzo Happ coin door; card swipe ready

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