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UNIS Play Zone


A Fully Interactive Ball Pit & Redemption Zone
Installed Dimensions: H: 118″ W: 218″ D: 180″ Weight: 8658 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: PLEASE CALL
Electrical: 110V/220V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Universal Space (UNIS)



Looking to get into the interactive playground attraction space? Then Universal Space has you covered with the UNIS Play Zone.

The UNIS Play Zone is unlike any other product that we have listed among our represented manufacturers. It combines several types of games and playground attractions into one piece, making it great for any venue (arcade, restaurant, FEC, theme park, dental office, etc.) that has the space and a large number of children that walk through their doors.

The central piece of the Zone features a ball pit that uses attractive LED lighting to become an interactive experience. Kids can just enjoy playing around the pit, or they can grab lit up balls to “feed” the characters on the wall at the back. Balls can also be thrown at large targets  or even two big touchscreen monitors. Balls fed into the unit fills up the large “hemisphere marquee” at the top; once full, it blasts all of the balls out for an exciting and fun event that kids will want to work towards getting again!

The back wall also features a couple of large touchscreen monitors that feature a number of fun games. On each side of the pit are two interactive ball shooting redemption games that combine elements from some of UNIS’ hit redemption games such as Coconut Bash, Dino Pop, and Barrel of Laughs. Players use the ball cannon to fire balls into the lit-up target holes for points; overall points are converted into tickets that can be redeemed at your redemption center!

Universal Space’s UNIS Play Zone Features:

– Fully interactive playground attraction, decorated with colorful & happy cartoon characters

– Padded benches & show storage built-in to the front of the zone

– Large ball pit area with translucent balls and an RGB LED floor

– Multiple targets and feeding holes to put the balls into; goes into a hemisphere marquee

– Fill the marquee for a big ball blast!

– Two large HD touchscreen displays with interactive, kid-friendly video games to play

– Padding and nets help keep balls in place while providing safety for users

– Two full-featured, coin-operated ball shooter redemption games built into each side of the zone!

– Ticket dispensers and 2-slot coin doors included with the redemption games; card swipe ready

Available Options – Please Call For Price

– Gate entrance

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