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The Mandalorian [Pro]


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Installed Dimensions: H: 75.5″ W: 21″ D: 55″ Weight: 250 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: H: 56″ W: 31″ D: 31″ Weight: 280 lbs.
Electrical: 110V @ 8A
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Stern Pinball


Star Wars doesn’t need any introduction, and the spin-off series The Mandalorian probably doesn’t either. As the streambusting hit show on Disney+, millions have enjoys the thrilling adventure of The Mandalorian and his efforts to protect The Child. Now you can experience these thrills at the arcade with an official pinball table for the theme by Stern Pinball. This listing is for the Pro model.

In this game, you become The Mandalorian in his quest to protect the galaxy’s most precious cargo – The Child with a mysterious past and even more mysterious abilities. Team up with key allies and battle against a variety of enemies who are intent on capturing the Child by any means necessary.

Each machine regardless the model comes with a large sculpted model of Grogu (The Child) in the upper left hand corner of the playfield; a custom sculpture of the Razor Crest spaceship; a mini-playfield in the upper right (features on this playfield do vary between editions); exciting multiball modes; various clips and call-outs from both seasons of the show; high-quality artwork & game sound; exclusive custom speech performed by actor Carl Weathers (Greef Karga) and more!

Pro model standard features include: Three flippers (two standard, 1 for the mini-playfield); 6 pinballs; 2 pop-bumpers; A static Encounter mini playfield with 1 flipper and 6 stand-up targets; Static inner loop under right helix ramp for tense Ambush experiences; Left side scoop+vertical upkicker (vuk); 2 plastic ramps; variety of targets for points and moving modes forward.

This is also available in Premium & LE models, although the LE is limited to production of 750 units.

Stern Pinball’s The Mandalorian [Pro] Features:

– Officially licensed Star Wars product, based on the Emmy Award winning TV show The Mandalorian

– Designed by Brian Eddy, developed by Dwight Sullivan, Art lead by professional comic artist Randy Martinez

– 18 software controlled RGB LEDs

The Mandalorian Pro playfield

– Pro-only artwork package for the backbox & cabinet

– Large sculpted Grogu toy & Razor Crest spaceship

– Special custom speech provided by actor Carl Weathers, who plays Greef Karga in the show

– Three flippers; Standard pinball controls (2 flipper buttons on the side; 1 action button)

– Clips from the show and custom animations are shown on the LCD display

– Watch out for ambushes from enemies; Several gameplay modes and multiball events

– 3 channel stereo system + 10-band graphic equalizer

– Variety of game adjustments can be made by the game operator

– Standard 2-slot coin door; DBA or card swipe ready

Available in Premium & LE models

– Free play mode allows residential customers to enjoy the game too!

Official accessories also available

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