• Strike Pro Fishing video redemption arcade game by Universal Space (UNIS)

Strike Pro Fishing


Experience Pro Style Fishing For Fun Or For Tickets!
Installed Dimensions: H: 85″ W: 56″ D: 81″ Weight: 882 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: 59x59x89
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Universal Space (UNIS)


Head out to the sea and cast that line for an awesome new arcade fishing experience in Strike Pro Fishing by Universal Space.

Hearkening back to fishing arcade games of the 90s, Strike Pro Fishing is a step above the other fishing games on the market. Featuring realistic 3D graphics, the game is split into two stages – Casting & Reeling. In the Casting portion, you are presented with a 3rd person view of your fisherman or woman as they stand at the front of a boat. Overlay graphics will show you a fishing reel with colored regions showing where the best cast can be obtained. A bar will move up and down and you have to time your button push and reel angle just right to get the best cast possible.

Once cast, you are then presented with an underwater scene where your hook & bait will sink down. If you hook a fish, then fun begins as you need to reel the creature in without losing it or breaking your line. This requires the proper balance between reeling and pulling on the controller. With realistic force feedback and on-screen tension gauges, it will feel like you are pulling in an actual fish! Successfully bring it in and the game will tell you the species and weight of your catch.

Strike Pro Fishing ships with ticket dispensers but it can also be operated as a straight amusement video game. Each unit also features two screens and two controllers for dual play.

What Makes Strike Pro Fishing Special?

– Exclusive to arcades

– Pro fishing action for 1-2 players

– Attractive marine-themed cabinet with comfortable bench seating for each player

– Realistic fishing rod & reel controller with force feedback and lever casting/reeling action

– The stunning graphics are displayed on two vertically mounted, 42″ HD screens.

– Large red numerical LED Bonus display built into the marquee

– Multiple species of fish to catch; catch Anglers to get the Mega Bonus

– Play for tickets or just for points (amusement/ticketless option)

– Ships with a standard coin door & ticket dispenser for each player side; card swipe ready


Check out Strike Pro Fishing in action (manufacturer video):

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