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Pirates of the Caribbean - Limited Edition


A Pirate Pinball Adventure With Unprecedented Detail
Installed Dimensions: H: 74.25″ W: 29″ D: 52″ Weight: Call
Shipping Dimensions: Please Call
Electrical: 120V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Jersey Jack Pinball




An exciting adventure is to be had on the High Seas in Jersey Jack Pinball’s 4th game release, Pirates of the Caribbean. This listing is for the Limited Edition model; Standard Edition and Collector’s Edition models are also being produced.

Bringing pinball to a new level, Pirates of the Caribbean continues Jersey Jack’s tradition of raising the bar with innovative features. An incredible level of depth is built into the software, providing for an unprecedented 3.25 sextillion (that’s 3 followed by twenty-one zeros!) game play variations, guaranteeing a unique experience every time you play! The game incorporates elements from each of the five Pirates movies produced by Disney, allowing users to play as one of 22 characters from the franchise.

Standard models incorporate the following features package: wide body cabinet that is able to incorporate fast play; 27″ HD screen with highly detailed artwork & animations integrated into the backbox; five flippers (three on the main playfield, two on the upper right mini playfield); full color RGB-LED feature & general illumination lighting; 5 speaker 2.1ch sound that put you into the cannon battles; Black texture powder coated body armor & legs; premium clear coat playfield; rocking Black Pearl pirate ship upper playfield;  Aimable cannon ball at target ship; 2nd 4.3″ LCD “Your Heart’s Desire” integrated into the apron display; Concentric spinning map discs with 216 usable combinations in the center of the playfield; 13 unique shot; diverters affecting 17 ball paths;  2 outlane skill saves; Maelstrom whirlpool Ramp; 27 targets; 2 magnets; 4 pop bumpers; 3 RGB edge lit spinners; 5 entrance ball subway; 3 slingshots; Wizard modes and multi balls from each of the 5 POTC movies and 1 Ultimate Wizard Mode.

Limited Edition models also offer more for the money: Invisiglass is included; External headphone jack w/ volume control; shaker motor; 72-light starfield; pop bumper rotation & molded pirate toy; more detailed British boat in the upper left; laser cut topper; target decals and more.

To compare features across models, click here for the POTC Pinball Features Matrix (PDF)

[August 2020] Pirates of the Caribbean models were only available for a limited time and are presently unavailable.

Jersey Jack Pinball’s Pirates of the Caribbean LE Features:

– Based upon the five Disney films of the same name

– Wide body pinball jam-packed with toys and features, including extra toys & lighting not present on the SE modelPirates of the Caribbean LE playfield

– Hand drawn playfield art incorporating elements and characters from the films

– Five flippers to control the action

– Unprecedented depth through 3.25 sextillion game variations; choose from 22 characters and three spinning map discs that offer 216 lock combinations of their own

– Custom speech provided by Kevin McNally who played Gibbs in the films.

– 27″ HD LCD display in the backbox shows game information, scoring, animations, troubleshooting data in operator menus, etc.

– 2nd 4.3″ LCD built into the apron (raised section below the flippers) and serves as a compass and more

– Upper right Black Pearl pirate ship rocks back and forth!

– Multiplayer modes allow one user to “plunder” another’s score, fostering competition

– Share your scores on social media sites like Twitter through their QR code system

– Ships with a standard 2-slot coin door; ask about card swipe

– Made in the USA

Available Options – Please Call For Pricing

– RadCals

– 220V power operation


We had a chance to play a pre-release version of this game at IAAPA 2017. Check it out on our 4K UHD video:

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