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LEDRIX Photo Booth



An Innovative Photo Booth That Is Entirely Covered In LEDs
Installed Dimensions: H: 63″ W: 20″ D” 40″ Weight: 231.4 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: Please Call
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Digital Centre





Catch the fever of the LED revolution with Digital Centre’s unique and innovative LEDRIX photo booth.

At first glance, this may not even look like a photo booth as the design eschews the traditional booth design for an open air, L-shaped box that is literally covered in tiny multi-colored LEDs. This allows allowing the projection of images and video animations over 6 sites on the machine at the same time. The hand-crafted animations are so appealing, fun and clever, guaranteed to help attract customers to the unit. The photo prints appear between the LEDs, and the camera is built into the screen with animations directing the customer where to look.

The LEDRIX also includes standard features for Digital Centre photo booths. This includes: Secure Share encrypted photo sharing (including to sharing to the cloud); the MyPhotoApp smartphone app for both customers and operators which allows clients to share their pictures digitally with ease; QR-ID to securely track your pictures and photos are printed with a QR code that clients can use to share their pictures; Remote Control so operators can use it to make booth adjustments and audits remotely and more.

ALERT: Digital Centre Photo Booths do NOT ship with a payment acceptor by default. You must purchase this option (ask your sales rep about costs) when ordering. Costs will vary. Please specify when ordering what option you need. Options available: DBA for Cash; Tokens; Credit/debit card reader; Or smartphone payment.

Digital Centre’s LEDRIX Photo Booth Features

– Cabinet is entirely unique with an L-shaped box entirely covered in LED lights

– Compact footprint makes it great for space-conscious locations or for rentals

– Open air design is able to accommodate large group photos

– 10MP digital camera for top quality photos

– Uses a Mitsubishi D90 printer; prints only 2×6″ strips (2 strips per vend)

– 430 photos per roll (860 strips)

– Easy-to-use touchscreen controls; choose either Full Color photos or photos with funny frames

– Built-in video capture feature

– Photos can be uploaded to Digital Centre’s secure, encrypted cloud; no emails or passwords required by the client

– Smartphone app (iOS/Android) integration for both client and operator allows users to easily share their pictures

– QR-ID lets clients keep track of their photos on the app

– QR-PHOTO feature lets clients share a particular photo strip on any phone with a QR scanner

– Extensive operator customization options. Customize: Images on the LED screen; Welcome & Goodbye screens; Lateral Text; Add your own music; 4th frame with logo/message; Frames; Collage photo options; and decals

– Available in coin-op/dollar acceptance or Rental only (free play) models

Available Options – Please Call For Price

– Additional rolls of film (430 photo vends per roll)

– Wireless/WiFi USB Adapter. Please call for price

– SmartPrint Feature. Print ANY of the photos on your phone using the photo booth as the printer! Great for generating additional income. Please call for price.

– Ad Platform.  Run advertisements from other clients, name brands and more to generate additional revenue


Check out the LEDRIX Photo Booth in action (manufacturer video):

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