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Home Pro Elite Arcade Style


Quality Air Hockey Fun, Arcade Style
Installed Dimensions: H: 31″ W: 45.5″ D: 85.5″ Weight: 220lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: Please call
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Gold Standard Games




Are you looking for a simple, affordable and quality air hockey table that goes above and beyond the kind of thing you would find at Target or Wal-Mart? Then check out the Home Pro Elite Arcade Style air hockey table by Gold Standard Games. This has been designed by two time air hockey world champion Mark Robbins, and is the ultimate Gold Standard’s “Classic” line-up of home air hockey tables.

All of the Home series tables feature one of the most durable laminate play surfaces in the industry, sanctioned by the US Air Hockey Association for competitive play. This gives it a leg up on typical home grade air hockey tables, without falling in the same price range as a commercial table. It also features aluminum rails for accurate puck bounces.

For the Home Pro Elite Arcade Style in particular, it features a slightly more robust design than the Home Pro model, where it also lacks an overhead score & lighting bar in favor of a side-score display. Arcade Style models are the same as Home Pro Elite tables, but feature a special art wrap that reflects the type of table you would find in a real commercial arcade. This makes it an awesome fit into any game room or man cave. For other tables in the series with slightly different options, it is also available in: Home Pro and the aforementioned Home Pro Elite designs. Most Gold Standard Games commercial tables are also available in non-coin versions, excepting Premium models.

Here is an overview of the Home Pro Elite from the game designer and manufacturer. The Home Pro Elite Arcade Style functions the same way.

Gold Standard Games’ Home Pro Elite Arcade Style Air Hockey Table Features:

– Designed by two-time air hockey world champion Mark Robbins

– Flaming artwork to make it look more like a table found in arcades

– Extremely durable laminate surface designed to outlast the competition

– Features a 12″ apron height (Home Pro features 7″)

– High quality aluminum rails will be able to take a beating over many years of use

– Extra sturdy two-piece end goals

– Strong blower to ensure the smoothest play possible in this class

– Center line & circle painted onto the surface

– Side-score display using large red numerical LED displays

– Solid core polymer legs

– Sanctioned for competitive play by the US Air Hockey Association (USAA)

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