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Galaga Assault


A Legend Returns – For Redemption Or Just For Fun!
Installed Dimensions: H: 109″, W: 34″, D: 43″ Weight: Please Call
Shipping Dimensions: 36″ x 47″ x 89″, 385 lbs.
Electrical: 120v / 5A | Optional 220/230V / 2.5A
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Bandai Namco



Few classics are still as beloved in an arcade as Namco’s original space shoot ’em up epic Galaga. Now thanks to Raw Thrills and Bandai Namco, Galaga is back and ready for action!

Galaga Assault has two modes: Redemption Mode (default) and Amusement Mode. Since it was first created with redemption play in mind, every Galaga Assault machine ships with an operating ticket dispenser. In this mode, players face down a wave of 100 space bugs. If they survive this, they battle a giant Bug Boss in the battle for the ultimate ticket jackpot!

Improve your chances of that jackpot with the unique ship buy-in feature. At the beginning of each game, the player has the option to pay extra to buy up to as many as 12 ships! The more ships you have, the lower the jackpots (since the difficulty decreases) but there’s nothing quite like taking on the Galaga hordes with an armada of 12 ships on your side! Operators can adjust the buy-in ship cost to your liking.

Amusement Mode was created for venues that simply want an updated version of Galaga for their arcades. It plays just like the old school Galaga that players remember, with wave after wave of enemies challenging your skill. New additions are the sharp HD graphics, the occasional Smart Bomb which if shot clears the screen of all opponents, a chain combo scoring system and every 10 waves, face down against the mega-boss for big points!

Both modes will display a QR code at the end of each game. This allows players to share their best scores on Facebook or Twitter. The game also has a leaderboard with 10 slots and space for up to 7 letters for name input.

Bandai Namco’s Galaga Assault Features:

-Remake of one of the most beloved classics in gaming history
-Vertically oriented cabinet doesn’t take up a lot of space (width wise) but stands out thanks to multi-color LED T-molding
-Exclusive To Arcades – not available on any home console nor mobile device
-Easy to use multi-color backlit joystick & large button controller
-The colorful graphics pop on the 42″ HD screen
-The tall cabinet is decorated with attractive color-changing LED T-Molding to capture the attention of your customers
-Ticket Dispenser included for Redemption Mode. Ticket Payouts are fully adjustable by the operator
-Amusement Mode for classic players or venues that do not focus on redemption (NOTE: This cannot be selected by the player, it must be set in the Operator Menu)
-Booming sound is pumped through two 6” speakers located under the monitor

Available Operator Adjustments:

-Volume (Game, Credit Chime, Minimum)
-Attract Mode Frequency (On, Occasionally, Off)
-Number of credits to start and continue
-Free Play Mode
-Redemption Mode is set to default. The Amusement Mode can be activated in the Payout Options menu
-Ticket Payout options (Percentage, Max Jackpot)
-Extra Lives to start
-Ship buy-in feature on/off
-QR Codes: On/Off
-Leaderboards: On/Off; Plays to reset (10000 max)
-Bookkeeping options

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