• SportStation: NFL Blitz 2000 Gold & NBA Showtime: NBA on NBC by Midway

SportStation: Blitz 2000 Gold / NBA Showtime


4 Players Can Enjoy 2 Awesome Sports Games
Installed Dimensions: H: 73.5″, W: 37″, D: 43″ Weight: 500 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: Please Call
Electrical: 110V @ 3A~
Condition: Certified Pre-Owned
Manufacturer: Midway Games Inc.


Also known as the Midway SportsStation, The Blitz 2000 / NBA Showtime arcade game offers two great sports games in one explosive arcade package!

Players can select between playing NFL Blitz 2000 Gold Edition or NBA Showtime: NBA on NBC. Create custom players, custom plays, save your top scores, compete head-to-head 4 players at a time! The Sports Station is the ultimate value in video arcade sports action!

NFL Blitz 2000 Gold – The ultimate version of NFL Blitz by Midway, offering the most recent team rosters up to that time, game fixes, plays, game customization ability (change the stadium, field type and weather conditions), and graphics/sound updates. It is everything you know about NFL Blitz but improved!

NBA Showtime: NBA on NBC – The final arcade release in the NBA Jam series of titles, NBA Showtime features a roster of players that was up-to-date for the time (1999 season) with 160 players while providing a full 3D experience to the NBA Jam style of play. You can also improve on player stats and enjoy superstar moves. This is everything you would want out of an arcade basketball experience!

What Makes the Midway SportStation- NFL Blitz 2000 Gold / NBA Showtime Special?

– Two of the best arcade sports titles of the 1990s in one cabinet – player selectable

– Support for 1-4 players

– 49-way analog joysticks for ultimate control precision

– Officially licensed product that allowed for accurate teams and player rosters at the time of development

– Save progress (such as player creation in NBA Showtime or stats in NFL Blitz) directly to the game

– 3D graphics powered by the 3DFx based Vegas hardware platform

– 25″ CRT screen. Can be converted to a modern LCD, call about pricing!

– Two coin doors with two coin slots each

– Midway’s SportStation is no longer produced, having been released in 1999. Please call us about availability. All used models pass through PrimeTime Amusement’s “Certified Pre-Owned” program, which guarantees that the game will be completely refurbished and ready to operate upon arrival.

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