• Beat Saber Arcade by VRsenal

Beat Saber Arcade


Don’t Just Dance To The Beat, Slash It!
Installed Dimensions: H: 124.8″ W: 72″ D: 36″ Weight: TBA
[Only 100.8″ tall w/o marquees]
Shipping Dimensions: H: 89″ W: 44″ D: 114″ Weight: CALL
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: VRsenal


Immersive yourself into the music unlike ever before with Beat Saber Arcade, a unique and outstanding VR experience by Hyperbolic Magnetism and VRsenal.

The game is a music/rhythm game that puts the user into a futuristic digital arena, where glowing blocks approach them at different speeds. These blocks have arrows on them and to progress, players use their red & blue laser swords to slash the cubes in the correct direction and at the right time to keep with the beat. The controllers mimic your physical movement in the virtual world exactly, making for intuitive and fun gameplay. Combined with specially orchestrated music, this makes for a unique, enjoyable and immersive experience that has been taking the VR world by storm.

For this special arcade version, VRsenal has taken the home hit and given it the “amusement flash” to draw customers in. A sleek cabinet is combined with a giant 80″ 4K UHD screen, two 3D holographic marquees, an HTC Vive Pro VR headset, always-charged controllers and a cable retraction system designed to provide for a “99% wire free” experience. This also allows the system to operate without the need for a constant, dedicated attendant and more like an arcade machine. With the look and features the arcade version brings to the table, it certainly becomes much more of an attraction than the home versions can achieve!

Check out Beat Saber Arcade in action as seen at IAAPA 2018! Video available in 4K UHD.

VRsenal’s Beat Saber Arcade Features:

– Arcade adaptation of the popular Beat Saber VR game

– Intuitive and timeless gameplay that music lovers both hardcore and casual can get into

– Striking and sleek cabinet design screams “futuristic” to everyone who sees it

– VR display: HTC Vive Pro / Onlooker display: vertically mounted 80″ 4K TV

– TV is protected with 1/4″ laminated safety glass

– Mesmerizing Holographic marquees display the game name at all times

– “Always-charged” motion controllers allow the user to feel like they are wielding laser swords

– Hi-fidelty sound system for pumping out the beats

– Game & graphics powered by a proper PC with Intel Core i7 CPU, Solid state hard drive (SSD) and an nVidia GTX graphics card

– Cable retraction system keeps cables/wires out of the way for attendant-free use

– Automated systems also provides for equipment sanitation and customer tutorial

– Compatible with a variety of card swipe systems (Embed, Intercard, etc.) or credit cards.

– Also available in an arcade format from VRsenal: Fruit Ninja VR and Predator VR

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