• Attack From Mars Pinball Special Edition

Attack From Mars Pinball Remake – Special Edition


The Martians Are Back And Better Than Ever In This Modern Remake
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Electrical: 110V
Warranty: 12 months on electronics / 6 months on mechanical parts/other via factory
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Chicago Gaming


The Martians are back in a remake of one of the most enjoyed pinball machines ever released – Attack From Mars.

Developed by Planetary Pinball and Chicago Gaming, this new remake has been designed to surpass the original in quality in every way. The playfield layout and artwork are just like you remember them, featuring that 50s alien invasion movie style that fans love. What has changed is that the game now operates using modern technology. The circuitry and game hardware has been engineered to improve reliability, simplify serviceability, reduce energy consumption and provide game owners with the ability to customize their own game. The game uses LED lighting but you wouldn’t know it at first glance as the creators have taken pains to recreate the soft, warm glow of incadescent bulbs. Even the cabinet has been upgraded – Both the cabinet and backbox are manufactured with melamine clad plywood. Melamine is 10 times more scratch resistant than traditional lacquer finishes. The original fiberboard cabinet bottom has been replaced with a ½” plywood bottom for greater strength of the cabinet and added protection for the cashbox.

Watch Attack From Mars in action from IAAPA 2017. Video available in ultra-sharp 4K UHD!

Finally, the display uses a modern LCD. On both the Special and Limited editions of the game, this display is large (19″ across) and in color, sporting HD graphics that beautifully represent the hand-drawn pixel artwork. The Special edition also includes an enhanced sound system, metalized saucers with tri-color LEDs, a shaker motor and a 12 month factory electronics warranty.

HD Display for Attack From Mars Pinball
The large, color HD display that is only found in the Special and Limited Editions of the Attack From Mars Remake.

Chicago Gaming’s Attack From Mars Special Edition Features:

– Remake of the highly rated Attack From Mars Pinball that was originally produced by Williams in 1995

– By the same company that recently brought us the Medieval Madness remake

– Same layout and artwork you remember enjoying

– All electronics have been redesigned with modern reliability in mind

– All LED lighting with software controlled brightness to recreate the look and feel of classic incadescents

– Large 19.25″ wide HD LCD display with full color graphics; all of the hilarious scenes are intact and better than ever

– Includes five Maritan saucers, Martian playfield toys, two ramps, a scoop target and more. SE version saucers feature a metallic finish and red/gree/blue LEDs.

– Shaker motor and enhanced sound system

– UL/CUL/CE Certified

– Also available in Classic Edition and Limited Edition Models

Available Upgrades – Please Call For Pricing

– 220V power

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