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Avian Knights [4-player DX]



Classic Flapping Fun
Installed Dimensions: TBA
Shipping Dimensions: TBA
Electrical: 110V
Warranty: 90 day factory; Extended warranties available
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Alan-1 Inc.




Dominate the skies in Avian Knights, a spiritual remake of a beloved arcade classic by Alan-1 Inc. This listing is for the 4-player model; It is also available in a smaller 2-player configuration.

Avian Knights plays like a modern version of Williams’ classic, Joust. Players control a knight who rides a giant bird, battling to the death in an arena with floating platforms and weapon pick-ups that can give you the edge. Dispatch your enemies in two ways – either by hitting them with the bottom of your bird (if they are higher than you with their lance or belly, they’ll take you out) or by using one of the many arena weapons. These are obtained by flying over a symbol that shows the current weapon power-up; flying over it again can level your weapon up to deal more damage.

Once you or an enemy is hit, the knight turns into an egg, which gives you a chance for revival. Control the new knightless bird and get to the egg first, then you can mount up and fly again.

On top of the retro-style gameplay, each cabinet comes with some cool play features, including wind effects, a cabinet knocker (same as used in pinball machines to “knock” the cabinet upon certain events), and a control rumble. These help elevate the game above your typical arcade joystick experience.

As an online enabled game, this also comes with an app for operators to be able to see how the game is performing and whether or not it is in need of any maintenance.

The game is also connected to Alan-1’s Major League eSports network and companion app. This allows players to create a free profile, make friends, see where they stand on the leaderboards for their local machine, and find an Avian Knights game in their area. This app will also be integrated into other Alan-1 games such as Asteroids Recharged.

Alan-1 Inc’s Avian Knights [4p] Features

– Retro-style arcade game that revives the spirit of a distinctive beloved classic
– Deluxe model that features four player stations; best for FECs
– Backlit marquee
– Warm & colorful comic books style cabinet art that covers the game from top to bottom
– Accompanying comic book will be available for customers to buy to learn about the story
– 4x LED backlit joystick+button controls
– Special features for each player! Wind effects, cabinet knocker, and rumble
– The game without the hardware features is also available on modern home consoles
– Colorful graphics are channeled to the 65″ HD display
– User selectable difficulty
– Great music to accompany the action
– Coin or card swipe ready

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