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VR Agent


Sega’s Solution For Attendant-Free Arcade VR
Installed Dimensions: H: 93″ W: 129″ D: 102″ Weight: 926lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: 3 pieces
Main Cabinet [Left]: H:98″ W:45″ D:33″ Weight: 527lbs.
Main Cabinet [Right]: H:98″ W:45″ D:33″ Weight: 527lbs.
Console: H: 36″ W: 26″ D: 22″ Weight: 141lbs.
Electrical: [email protected], 1350W / [email protected], 1350W available
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Sega Amusements

Become a special agent fighting off hordes of terrorists in VR Agent by 3MindWave and Sega Amusements!

VR Agent marks one of the first forays of Sega into virtual reality action. In this game, you play as one of four secret agents on a dangerous mission. Using the unique light-gun controller, take on the missions, use a variety of cool weapons, eliminate the bad guys and get the high score!

The control and interactivity setup on this game is what really sets it apart. As the name of the game implies, it does use VR, but it does so in a new way. When the game begins, an attached light-gun lowers down to the player’s level. This gun features the triggers for interacting with the game, but it also has a VR headset attached to the back of it. Players place the headset up to their face, where they then witness all of the action. A sensor net also tracks the movement of the player’s body, translating that into the game. This allows you to lean around corners and immerse yourself into the action.

Check out VR Agent from this manufacturer made teaser trailer. We will have our own video of this in action soon!

Sega Amusements’ VR Agent Features:

– An original gaming experience exclusively designed for arcades

– Designed by the same team that created ATV Slam for Sega

– No attendant required

– Active gameplay is streamed to the 43″ vertically-mounted HD screen

– The play is similar to that of popular first-person shooters; 5 missions to play

– The game will sense the body position and movement of the player and translate that into the game

– Unique wired VR headset that is attached to the back of the light-gun

– Easy to use light-gun with firing trigger and reload button

– Air jet force feedback – blows a jet of air at you when you’re hit by an enemy!

– Each cabinet comes with two player stations

– Link 2 units together for 4-player excitement

– 1 coin slot per side; Card swipe compatible

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