• Wizard of Oz Pinball Machine, Standard by Jersey Jack Pinball

The Wizard of Oz Pinball Standard Model


The Innovative Pinball Machine That Started A New Revolution In Pinball
Installed Dimensions: H: 74.25″, W: 29″, D: 52″ Weight: 395 lbs.
Condition: New
Warranty: 30 Day Limited Warranty on all parts; certain items covered for 1 year
Manufacturer: Jersey Jack Pinball



Jersey Jack Pinball’s first title brings the classic pinball machine into the 21st Century by sporting several ground breaking features that had never been seen in pinball previously.

The first innovation is noticed with the crystal clear HD Monitor that is mounted in the backbox, as opposed to a small monochromatic screen. This immerses players with visual scenes, ever-changing animations & players scores.

The next innovation that you will notice when approaching the game is the special multicolored LED Playfield. All lit-inserts use LEDs that put on a mesmerizing light show when the game isn’t being played while allowing greater depth of play by changing colors for particular targets. Combined with a wide-body playfield for more pinball action than a typical machine and topper lighting, this game will certainly draw players in.

The Wizard Of Oz Emerald City Standard Model comes with a hand-drawn playfield, full-color cabinet and back box artwork; 4 Mechanical Toys: Dorothy’s Spinning House, Witch’s Castle, Flying Monkey + Melting Witch; 5 Flippers, 2 Mini Play fields, 3 Trumper-Bumpers, 1 Balloon Bumper, 5 Playfield Ball Magnets, a Spinning Target, Rollover & Winkie-Guard Drop Targets, plus a unique “Crystal Ball” with Embedded LCD Display.

The Wizard of Oz Pinball is also an audio powerhouse, featuring a powerful Digital Stereo Sound System which booms out the original soundtrack music scores, speech and special effects. It also comes with pinball’s first Audio Headphone / Ear Bud Jack with Digital Volume Control and rear Component Audio Jack for connections to external sound amplifiers.

Wizard of Oz Pinball flippers

Jersey Jack Pinball’s The Wizard of Oz – Standard Features:

– A classic theme with several industry changing innovations

– Licensed Wizard of Oz theme is recognizable to young and old players alike

– Wide-body cabinet means more content can be packed onto the playfield

– Sharp 1080p 26″ HD display in the backbox shows videos, animations and more

– Crystal Ball w/ LCD on playfield for special mode information

– Five flippers, four mechanical toys including Dorothy’s spinning house; 2 mini-playfields; 3 pop-bumpers; 5 playfield magnets

– Full RGB-LED lighting creates a spectacular light show

– Additional audio options include a headphone jack and external speaker connections

– Detailed hand drawn playfield art is protected by premium clear coat

– Also produced in Limited Edition (no longer available) and 75th Anniversary Edition models

– Ships with a standard coin door; card swipe compatible

– OPTIONAL: Pindemption ticket redemption feature

– OPTIONAL: Invisiglass playfield glass upgrade

– Jersey Jack’s The Wizard of Oz Pinball is no longer in production, having been released in 2012. Please call us about availability, but note that we infrequently come across pinball machines. All used models pass through PrimeTime Amusement’s “Certified Pre-Owned” program, which guarantees that the game will be completely refurbished and ready to operate upon arrival.

Check out The Wizard of Oz Pinball in action (manufacturer video):

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