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Sky Riders



Pedal Your Way To Win Tickets
Installed Dimensions: H: 90.5″ W:72″ D:66″ Weight:661lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: TBA
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Amusement Source International



Take to the skies with your pedal-powered aircraft in Sky Riders by Ace Amusement & Amusement Source International.

Sky Riders is a modern take on Namco’s classic Prop Cycle. Players hop on top of the stylized bicycle seat, which features a set of real bicycle pedals. In game, the faster you pedal, the faster your virtual craft moves! This makes for a true workout every time you play. To further control the craft, there is a yoke controller which is used to guide the ship in the direction it needs to go. There are different cyclecrafts and levels to play, where the goal of every level is to ram into the red & green balloons which are scattered about the levels. Red balloons have numbers on them, which represent their point values; This game can be played just for fun or for tickets.

Sky Riders units are available in Standard (SD) and Deluxe (DX) models (SD model is pictured). Standard units are best for kids to play, while DX models are larger so they work better for teens and adults. Standard units come in a “Twin” configuration with 2x 42″ monitors, while DX models are sold as single units sporting a 55″ display.

Amusement Source International’s Sky Riders Features

– Exercise gaming at its finest

– A classic idea reimagined for today’s market

– Exclusive to arcades

– Available in two models (SD/DX), with a steampunk cabinet design

– SD units ship in a connected “Twin” configuration

– Real bike pedals with safety straps – pedal hard for speed!

– Uniquely shaped yoke controller

– 3 characters and 4 levels to choose from

– Ticket dispenser included

– Standard Operator options (volume, credits/free play, difficulty, ticket payouts, etc.)

– Coin or carp swipe ready

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