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Mega Strip


SKU: 849


vends A Huge 6″ x 16″ Photo Strip
Installed Dimensions: H: 77″, W: 57″, D: 33.5″ Weight: 580 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: Please Call
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Digital Centre



The Mega Strip is the largest Photo Booth produced by Digital Centre. That’s not all that is “Mega” about it though…the booth will vend a literal mega-sized photo strip that measures at 6″ x 16″ in size, something unique among photo booths!

The Mega Strip using a high quality, 10mp HD camera to take high quality photos that customers will be able to cherish for decades to come. The machine also includes other features found in Digital Centre booths including: customized frames; special 4th frame logo/message; secure cloud storage & sharing; QR photo retrieval for easy access to your photos online; connectivity with the MyPhotoApp smartphone program (iOS / Android); multiple payment acceptance methods and the ability to record and send a video.

ALERT: Digital Centre Photo Booths do NOT ship with a payment acceptor by default. You must purchase this option (ask your sales rep about costs) when ordering. Costs will vary. Please specify when ordering what option you need. Options available: DBA for Cash; Tokens; Credit/debit card reader; Or smartphone payment.

Digital Centre’s Mega Strip Photo Booth Features

– Large, sit-in booth that vends unique 6″ x 16″ large photo strips

– Internal bench seating and plenty of space for 2 or 3 users to comfortably fit; drapes for privacy

– Operators can add a custom message or logo to the strip

– 10 MegaPixel HD camera and internal white LED lighting for studio quality shots

– Secure online cloud storage and sharing features with both QR code and smartphone app access

– Operators can activate a video sending features

– Can work with cash, card or coin, please specify which method you wish it to take when ordering

Available Options – Please Call For Price

– Wi-Fi Kit

– 220V operation

– International currency operation


Check out the Mega Strip in action:

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