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Killer Queen Arcade



The World’s Only 10-Player Strategy Arcade Video Game
Installed Dimensions (single): H: 76″ W: 66.5″ D: 38″ Weight: Call
Shipping Dimensions: two identical pallets: 72″w x 42″D x 81″H 1057 pounds
Electrical: 120V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: BumbleBear Games




What do snails, bears & bumblebees have in common? Virtually nothing…unless you are playing Killer Queen Arcade by BumbleBear Games and Raw Thrills.

Billed as the world’s only 10-player strategy arcade game, you and nine other friends can come together for an epic battle in the 8-bit garden. Featuring two cabinets (that can be placed back-to-back or side-to-side), a Killer Queen makes for a striking setup in any arcade or FEC where it is placed. Each cabinet features five player positions with a simple arcade joystick and a button, with the center player taking upon themselves the role of the team’s queen. The other four players take up roles as the bears; Queens have the option to flap while bears have the ability to jump around the arena.

You can win by: Bringing the Snail God home; filling your hive with nectar or execute a “triple assassination” the opposing team’s Queen. While none of these options are an easy task by default, if you work together with a smart strategy then victory is all but assured.

While the premise behind Killer Queen Arcade is radically different from any other game on the market, venues that have one installed and bill it as a tournament piece have seen amazing earnings and solid customer loyalty. Each purchase of a Killer Queen pair includes a League Start-up kit so you can get the competition scene going in your area!

Check out how to play Killer Queen Arcade thanks to this tutorial put together by Up-Down Arcade Bar:

BumbleBear’s Killer Queen Arcade Features:

– Unique, skill and strategy based gameplay that once learned becomes addictive to play
– Purchase includes two game cabinets which are linked together for up to 10-player battles
– Place side-by-side or back-to-back
– Vacant player spots are filled by the computer
– Easy controls – one joystick & button per player
– The 80s style graphics are displayed on a 49″ HD LED screen
– 2x HDMI out ports for projection and/or streaming to the crowd
– Awesome retro style artwork on the sides and control panel
– Does very well as a tournament game. League Starter Kit included
– Ships with a standard coin door; card swipe ready
– Check out BumbleBear Games’ other arcade title, Black Emperor

Add-ons – Please Call For Pricing

– Additional 12-month service agreement
– Toppers for Killer Queen Cabinets
– 2 Killer Queen Bill Acceptor
– T-Shirt Starter Kit
– Spare Parts Kit
– Bumbilical Cord – 15′ long wiring extension allowing the cabinets to be set further apart

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