• Hop'N'Stack by Touch Magix

Hop ‘N’ Stack


Hop On The Boxes, Aim For The Jackpot!
Installed Dimensions: H: 102″ W: 41″ D: 35″
Shipping Dimesnions: H: 86″ W: 45″ D: 37″
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Touch Magix


How high can you hop? Go far and you’ll come out a big ticket winner in Hop ‘N’ Stack, an original video redemption arcade game designed by Touch Magix.

The gameplay of Hop ‘N’ Stack is all about simplicity. You control a mustached jumper with giant blocks coming in at your feet. Simply push the button to jump. With the right timing, you’ll land on a good spot on top of the block, ready for the next. The higher you go, the more tickets you win, but be careful – blocks stop when you jump. If you jump too soon or land on an edge, you’ll fall and it’s game over!

See the Hop ‘N’ Stack in action from this manufacturer produced video.

Touch Magix’s Hop ‘N’ Stack Features:

– Addictive and original video redemption game

– Appeals to kids and adults alike with timeless gameplay

– Single button operation

– Swipe (or insert coin) to continue feature

– 30 seconds average game time

– Graphics are displayed on a vertically mounted 43″ HD screen

– Ticket dispenser built into the front of the console

– Coin or card swipe payment acceptance

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