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The Perfect Game Table For A Home Or Office
Installed Dimensions: H: 30″ W: 24″ D: 9/12/14′ Weight: Call
Shipping Dimensions: Please CAll
Electrical: N/A (without scoreboard)
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Champion Shuffleboard



Looking for shuffleboard fun that is just above the typical “entry level?” Then check out Gentry shuffleboard table by Champion.

The Gentry enjoys the same quality craftsmanship that is standard with other Champion Shuffleboard tables. With standard models coming in at 12′ in length(9′ and 14′ are also available), this is a table that is ideal for any home game space or office break room. It ships in easy-to-construct parts allowing it to be moved or stored without hassle.  The Gentry comes with a Canadian maple veneer cabinet allowing for a customized stain, and offers hand-crafted solid maple legs. The playfield sports a resurface-free polymer finish that ensures smooth play for years to come. It features the standard 3 rectangular score zones with a carpeted puck pit around the edges; each game also ships with regulation size red & blue pucks and playfield wax.

Champion’s Gentry Shuffleboard Features:

– Quality craftsmanship through Champion

– Made in the USA (Texas)

– Canadian maple veneer cabinet, solid maple wood playfield w/ polymer finish

– Easy assemble or disassemble for storage

– Available in 9′, 12′ and 14′ lengths

– Includes a set of 8 pucks (4 blue, 4 red) & playfield wax

– Standard rectangular 3-zone scoring

– Lifetime playfield warranty through Champion

– Non-coin, non-electrical (excepting optional scoreboards as mentioned below)

Available Options – Call For Pricing

– Custom stains: Black, Cherry, Dark Cherry, Grand Champion, Fruitwood, Mahogany, & Walnut

– Score Displays: “J-Bar” & Rail-mount style. Note that scoreboards will add a few inches to the width of the table and require electricity

– Lighting Kit: Mount two lights to the side of the table (one for each end zone)

– Additional pucks


– Table cover

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