• The Fast And The Furious Twin Racing Arcade Game

Fast And The Furious (Twin)

PLEASE CALL FOR PRICE (No longer in production)

Race The Hottest Cars Around In This Popular Title Based On The Fast And The Furious Movies
Installed Dimensions (single unit): H: 79″, W: 33″, D: 63″ Weight (lbs): 675
Electrical: 120V @ 5A
Condition: Refurbished to Primetime Certified Pre-Owned Standards
Manufacturer: Raw Thrills



This is the game that truly put Raw Thrills on the map as a top contender in the arcade business – The Fast and the Furious driving game!

The original The Fast And The Furious Arcade game is based on the #1 hit movie,  designed by the award-winning Cruis’n Exotica Team! In so many ways this game is a ‘spiritual sequel’ to the Cruis’n series, featuring 3 levels of difficulty, 17 vehicles to select, 12 action packed street courses and 20 levels of car customizations. Bonus points are awarded to players for a range of stunts performed including wheelie, slide wheelie, flip, helicopter, barrel roll, vault and 360.

With an integrated Keypad entry panel, players can register a local machine account via PIN, storing player info, car history, upgrade details, etc.

This listing is for the TWIN version of the game, which is for two linked units.

REFURBISHED STOCK: 3/25/21! – A pair of Fast & Furious units are currently available from a PrimeTime operated location in Florida. Each item you purchase from us used will go through our Certified Pre-Owned refurbishing program before shipping to you. Please call for pricing and lead time.

Raw Thrills’ The Fast And The Furious Twin Features:

– Arcade Exclusive title that is based on the popular film franchise of the same name.

– Spiritual sequel to Cruis’n Exotica, designed by some of the same developers.

– Select seventeen different cars, race across twelve tracks and customize your vehicle.

– Change your view or the music at the press of a button.

– 4-speed shifter.

– Use the keypad PIN entry system to save your stats and progress.

– Pull off stunts when you fly off of a jump.

– Graphics displayed on a 27″ CRT monitor (Ask about our conversions to modern LCD technology!).

– Link up to four (4) units for multiplayer challenges.

– The Fast And The Furious is no longer produced and is only available as a ‘Certified Pre-Owned’ game. Pricing and availability will vary. All used units are fully refurbished by our expert staff meaning that they will be ready to operate once it arrives at your location. Buy or rent with peace of mind today!


Check out The Fast And The Furious in action:

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