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Eagle Pool Table - (Coin/Non-Coin)


High Quality Pool Table Design For Home Or Business
Installed Dimensions: Various, please refer to chart below
Shipping Dimensions: Varies by model, please call
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Great American Recreation Equipment



Billiards have a rich history dating back almost 500 years and all this time later, having a pool table in your home or business is a great investment!

Since pool is such a timeless classic, the gameplay doesn’t really need a description. What is important to a pool buyer however is having a high quality table. With the Eagle by Great American, that is exactly what you get, with American craftsmanship shining in each table that they make.

Each Eagle table is built using 3/4″ plywood on the cabinet sides & the bottom; superior quality poplar wood on the top frame & rails; 21oz. unbacked felt cloth attached to the rails and slate; Dual steel center slate supports which hold the imported single piece slate. These features provide a reliable, flat level playing surface to ensure that you have a table that plays great and lasts a long time. Each table also includes unitized composite trouble free and fast ball return assembly with double rollers, an anti-cheat dump bar system to prevent free plays and they operate with magnetic 2 1/4″ or 2 3/8″ cue balls with 15th cue ball lock-up. This is accented by Great American’s reliable cue ball separator.

Eagle Pool Table Size & Stats Chart

Eagle Pool Tables are available in five different sizes, ranging from 6′ – 9′. 93″ tables (commonly known as 7′ tables despite almost being 8′ in length) are the most common sizes found, with 114″ (known as 9′ tables) being commonly used in tournament play. It is recommended that you have at least 4′ of space around the table area to prevent injury/damage issues involved during play.

Model Overall Size Playing Surface Slate Size (Thickness) Weight
600E 45″ x 77″ 32″ x 64″ 35 1/2″ x 67 1/2″ (3/4″) 620 lbs
650E 49″ x 85″ 36″ x 72″ 39″ x 75″ (3/4″) 650 lbs
700E 53″ x 93″ 40″ x 80″ 43″ x 83″ (13/16″) 710 lbs
800E 57 1/2″ x 101.5″ 44″ x 88″ 47 1/2″ x 91 1/2″ (15/16″) 820 lbs
900E 64″ x 114″ 50 1/2″ x 100 1/2″ 54″ x 104″ (1″) 1100 lbs

Great American’s Eagle Pool Table Features:

– Top-quality materials including imported slate. Slate thickness varies from model as shown above

– Available in both coin and non-coin options; available in five sizes

– 21oz. unbacked cloth on the slate & rails; default is green. Please ask about different cloth colors!

– Ships with cherry brown cabinet laminate. Please ask about different laminate colors.

– Dome shake-proof washers on railbolts, corners and the slate

– Hinged and locked hatch under table for leg storage and cleanout

Available Options – Please Call For Pricing

– LED lighting upgrade. Adds multi-color RGB LED lights to the sides and bottom of the table to attract more customers.

– COIN ONLY: Automatic ball return w/ an anti-cheat dump bar system

– COIN ONLY: Vertical 5 coin sliding mechanism complimented with a deep, modular cash box for generous earnings. Factory set to $1; 5 slot mechanism is location adjustable to $1.25. Please ask about $2 mechanisms

– COIN-ONLY: Dollar Bill Acceptor Upgrade. 12V DC battery powered unit w/ traditional slot coin door.

– NON-COIN ONLY: Optional ball drop pockets. Remove $125 from your price if these are selected!

– NON-COIN ONLY – Accessory Kit (Includes 2 cue sticks, set of 15 billiard balls, magnetic cue, triangle, chalk & rack)

Non-Coin Model:

Eagle Pool Table - Non Coin by Great American

Make Life Easier With a Pool Table Lift!

Great American also produces pool table lifts. These are great for anyone who needs to frequently move their tables around. They may be ordered separately. Please call for pricing.

Pool Table Lift by Great American

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