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Dinosaur Era



Hose Those Dinos Down In This Water Shooter
Installed Dimensions: H: 107″ W: 79″, D: 97″ Weight: TBA
Shipping Dimensions: 3 pieces
#1 – Main: H: 83″ W: 54″ D: 81″ Weight: 1050lbs.
#2 – Front: H: 48 W:26 D: 81″ Weight: 440lbs.
#3 – Seat: H: 34 W: 38 D: 30 Weight: 133lbs
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Coastal Amusements



Blast the dinosaurs to win tickets in Dinosaur Era by Coastal Amusements.

Dinosaur Era is a video redemption game where 1-4 players grab a water cannon and blast the virtual dinos that are attacking on screen. The water guns are designed with similar technology to Coastal’s Ice Walker, just expanding it to four players. This novelty is a great draw in arcades, since players get to spray a water gun at a TV. When a power-up is collected, the feedback is increased as the water stream pressure increases and the game will produce a fine water mist that comes up from the grass playfield. This game uses more powerful hardware to ensure a steady pressure stream for all players.

Players select one of eight levels then the action begins, where various kinds of dinosaurs attack the player in waves. Different types of powers up appear to help players clear the screen faster and earn points which uses a conversion system into tickets. For locations that may not use tickets, the game can be played in amusement-only mode where they play for points only.

Stay tuned for a video of Dinosaur Era as shot at IAAPA 2022

Coastal Amusements’ Dinosaur Era Features

– Vibrant game that uses two great attractors – dinosaurs and water cannons!

– Impressive cabinet with dino art that uses a huge 75″ HD screen

– Features 4 commercial quality, potentiometer-based water cannon, capable of firing multiple water streams

– Strong water pump to drive all four cannons; UV-light filter (operators DO need to replenish water on occasion)

– Stars numerous, colorful dinosaurs that kids will recognize

– Four cushioned stools for players to sit on

– Various RGB LED lighting fixtures

– Exclusive to arcades

– Play to win tickets or just for fun

– Coin or card swipe ready

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