• Dido Kart 2 AIR model by InJoy Motion

Dido Kart 2


“Battle Mode” and “Time Mode”
Dimensions: Height: 88.5″, Width: 53″, Depth: 97.5″
Weight (lbs): 330
Condition: Excellent
Manufacturer: Injoy Motion Corp

Following up on InJoy Motion’s original Dido Kart Series, Dido Kart 2 offers all of the same, cute fun while improving on the kart racing formula they used in the first game.

Dido Kart depicts cute, distinctive, and colorful animal characters as they race for a 1st place finish. This sequel utilizes high-definition graphics and more realistic physics, as well as detailed on-screen character facial expressions and vibrant force-feedback steering. What InJoy is primarily known for however is their motion bases, providing for unique motion simulation that you only find at the arcade. Dido Kart 2 was created in two formats: the MDX series with its 2-Axis interactive orthogonal motion base and the innovative AIR series, which uses several rubber air bladders to move the base around. The latter models provide the same motion effects while often cutting the cost down drastically!

InJoy Motion’s Dido Kart 2 Features:

– Exclusive to arcades with no console release planned and no home controller can reproduce the motion effects

– Sequel to InJoy’s popular Dido Kart racing game

– Chose from six different animal racers such as Bully Shark, Bonnie the rabbit, Armspon the panda, Speedy the gator and moore

– Grab power-ups to turn the tide of any race in an instant

– Time Attack and Battle Modes are player selectable

– 42″ HD display

– Force feedback steering wheel

– Motion base available in two styles: AIR (air compressor & bladders) or the MDX (traditional electric motors & metal arms)

– Link up to four units together for multiplayer battles

NOTE: As of 2020, this game is no longer in production. If made available through our Certified Pre-Owned games, we will list it there.


Check out the MDX model of Dido Kart 2 from our YouTube channel:

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