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Cruis'n USA - Double Player

SKU: 283


Criss-Cross The USA In This Over-The-Top Classic Racing Game!
NOTE: The Deluxe Marquee topper may not be available. Please call.
Installed Dimensions: H: 80″, W: 60″, D: 60″ Weight (lbs): 700
Electrical: 110V @ 3A~ each
Condition: Certified Pre-Owned
Manufacturer: Midway Games




This is the classic that started it all! Designed by legendary arcade game creators Eugene Jarvis and Larry DeMar, this racing title brought ‘open circuit’ style racing into the 3D realm.

With ten (10) over-the-top courses based upon locations across the United States, players are challenged to find the best short cuts on each track to come out on top! This game includes three different view buttons, a Radio button to change the music when you want and a 4-position gear shifter.

Midway’s Cruis’n USA Features:

– This became one of the best selling arcade games of the 90s and is still popular today!

– Developed in partnership with Nintendo

– 25″ CRT monitor (conversion to LCD available)

– Controls include a steering wheel, gas/brake pedals, 3 View buttons, a Radio button and 4-position gear shifter

– Powered by Midway’s V Unit (which was more powerful that what the Nintendo 64 hardware ended up being)

– DCS sound system provides for incredible music and sound effects

– Link multiple units together for that proper arcade multiplayer experience

– Deluxe marquee topper originally created to draw attention to the game. May not be available as pictured.

– All used games that we sell come fully refurbished by the PrimeTime Amusements’ experienced staff and a 30 day warranty. We can set the game up for your home or for your business!

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