Circus Ball Drop


Height: 95″, Width: 31.5″, Depth: 80″
Weight (lbs): 630
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Andamiro

Come one, come all to the circus with Andamiro’s Circus Ball Drop!

In this cute ticket redemption game, the players only have to deal with a single large button labelled ‘Ball Drop’. After inserting a credit, the backlit LED elephant’s head moves up and down. Push the Ball Drop button at just the right time to get your ball into the highest set score holes below. Hit the 200 box for the most points; Bonus Ball for an extra ball and the Super Bonus for a jackpot!

Looking for the Red Elephant Version of this game? Please call.

What Makes Circus Ball Drop Special?

-Fun circus theme that appeals to all ages

-One button play makes it easy to approach and to play

-Clean use of multi-color LEDs within the Elephant head and scoring boxes

-Offers the popular “ball drop” style redemption game without looking too cluttered

-Quick play means big profits

-Realistic elephant and circus sounds add to the excitement!

-Ticket dispenser included with every game

-Ships with a pair of coin acceptors. Compatible with card swipe readers.

Check out or footage of the game in action from IAAPA 2015!

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