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Boxer Mask


Boxing With Prize Options
Installed Dimensions: H: 104″ W: 28″ D: 51″ Weight: 342 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: H: 93″ W: 41″ D: 52″ Weight: 435 lbs.
Electrical: 110V @ 3.6A, 426 W
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Kalkomat



Add some flare and intrigue to your interactive sporting game selection with the Boxer Mask by Kalkomat.

In addition to the party mask theme, the Boxer Mask features an integrated capsule dispenser so you can offer small items that fit inside of a capsule. As long as they fit inside the capsule, you can offer any prize that you want, it’s all up to you! The core game is just what players expect when they approach a boxing game – hit the punching bag as hard as you can for the highest number of points. Available with a variety of color schemes and custom artwork!

The Boxer Mask also comes with features that are standard for Kalkomat. This includes 4 different game modes to drive replay value (Power, Speed, Reflex and a Tournament mode that handles up to six players). With great sound effects and several upgrade choices, this is a machine that will pay itself off quickly and earn for a long time.

Here is a brief promo video put together by Kalkomat for the Boxer Mask

Kalkomat’s Boxer Mask Features:

– High quality punching bag & bladder with padding in front of the bar.

– 4 Game Modes Available: Power, Speed, Reflex & TournamentBoxer Mask Orange design

– Support up to six players

– Large red numerical LED scoring display with smaller displays showing each player’s individual score

– Double layer front panel for machine protection

– Call about artwork customization options!

– Prize Capsule Dispenser included! Vend small capsules for achieving certain scores.

– Wheel of Boxing feature also included! Allows you to offer different prizes such as free credits in addition to capsules

– Comes with a coin slot by default; DBA & card swipe capable

Additional Options – Please Call For Price

– 5 meter long power cord, for locations that need to reach power outlets that are further away. Please call for price.

– Ticket Dispenser. Vend different amounts of tickets for scores. Please call for price.

–  Silencing Upgrade. Makes the machine less noisy which is better for certain venues like malls. Please call for price.

– Internet Modem. Access your machine’s statistics remotely. Will also allow for online competitions in the future. Please call for price.

– Dollar Bill Acceptor (DBA). The machine is also capable of handling TWO DBAs or a second coin mechanism. Please call for price.

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