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A PrimeTime-themed Soccer Game
Installed Dimensions: H: 69″, W: 56″, D: 33″ Weight: 309 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: CALL
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Kalkomat/IGPM Group



How good are you at the penalty kick? The Kicker by Kalkomat/IGPM Group will truly put those footballer skills to the test!

The Kicker is a companion game to the popular Boxer machines that have dominated the bar & fair landscape for many years. Instead of punching a bag to see how much force when into your strike, you are instead seeing how much force goes into kicking a soccer ball. The game measures both the speed and the power to present a score, which can be used just for fun competition against yourself, amongst friends, or rivals – or play to win tickets. There is also an unbreakable record setting that can be set by operators to incentivize extra play.

IGPM’s Kicker Features:

– Soccer-themed kicker power/speed testing game

– 3D-molded cabinet with a goalie

– Available in a variety of designs/colors

–  Large red 3-digit numerical LED counter for score;  small one for credits

– Back-lit button controls

– Adjustable difficulty levels

– Manual & automatic high score settings; Unbreakable score setting

– The ball is held but a solid and durable steel arm with extensive padding for safety

– Sensors to detect ball speed & power

– Flashing halogen lights

– Optional ticket dispenser

– Coin, bill or card swipe ready; Free play mode available

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