Dialed In! Pinball (Standard)


Innovative & Original Pinball Design By Pat Lawlor
Installed Dimensions: H: 76″ W: 29″ D: 52″ Weight: CALL
Shipping Dimensions: Please Call
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Jersey Jack Pinball


The legendary pinball designer Pat Lawlor (The Addams Family, Twilight Zone, Funhouse & more) is back with a fresh and original concept, Dialed In! Pinball.

One of the few pinball machines on the modern market that is not based on a TV show/film/music band license, Dialed In! blazes its own trail to fun like pinball machines used to do in the past. Featuring a city disaster theme, you need to keep the metropolis in working order as you face earthquakes, monster attacks, alien invasions, and more. Manage these events as well as your score by enjoying custom animations and more on the brilliant 27″ HD backbox display. The game also features animated toys including 3 mini-drones, ‘Bob’ moving target, an animated robot,  the power station and the mesmerizing Quantum Theater which displays monsters in holographic 3D!

Dialed In! pinball also makes history by being the the first pinball machine ever to feature Bluetooth® connectivity, a camera, and the ability to unlock additional game capabilities through your smartphone.

Standard Edition features stainless steel body armor and more.

What Makes Dialed In! Pinball Special?

– Unique and original theme from the mind of pinball designing legend Pat Lawlor

– First in pinball! – Incorporates Bluetooth connectivity, Smartphone control (NFC activated), player camera

– Animations, game info and scoring is displayed on the Full HD 27″ backbox display

– Audio is pumped through a 5-speaker, 2.1 channel surround or the integrated headphone jack

– Unique toys include the Quantum Reality Theater holographic device; Smartphone that serves as a 2nd game display; and 3 mini-drones with functional propellers;

– Includes a moving target with a full 3D molded toy; 5 magnet assemblies; wire ramps, an upper playfield, 3 flippers; a scoop target and more

– All inserts are lit using Jersey Jack’s full spectrum RGB LEDs

– Shaker motor force feedback system built into the game

– Tempered glass and a premium clear coat protect the playfield surface

– Artwork by John Youssi, cabinet art uses high gloss UV ink

– Also available in a Limited Edition – CLICK HERE FOR A MODEL COMPARISON CHART (PDF)

Available Game Options – Please Call For Price

– Playfield protector: $150

– RadCals (higher quality cabinet art): $400

– INVISIGLASS (crystal clear, no reflection glass): $295


Check out Dialed In! Pinball in action from IAAPA 2016 (video via Arcade Heroes):

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