Keeping your equipment operating is one of the most important aspects of your business. A broken game can’t make a profit! At Primetime Amusements, we have technicians who are here to help you take advantage of the manufacturer warranty when applicable; they can also assist you for out-of-warranty situations, part orders, RMAs and other technical support for products that you have ordered from us.
Please note that we do not service equipment that was purchased from other distributors or resellers. Contact the distributor or reseller that you purchased it from for service.

Technical Support

PrimeTime Amusements employs experienced, trained technicians who can assist you in any technical support needs. They are readily available via phone or email. They can also assist you whether or not your product is in warranty!

Service Manuals

A collection of Arcade Game Service Manuals
We strive to provide product manuals within the specifications section of their individual product listings. You can also browse links to all of the manuals we have access to by clicking here.  Note that some manufacturers do not provide manuals electronically, but that the manual should ship with the game in that instance. For out-of-production equipment, manuals are not guaranteed to be included with the unit. If you need technical assistance for any Primetime product, please let us know!

Tech Tips

Got a problem with one of your games? We might be able to save you a phone call with our Tech Tips articles. These are a series of posts that are focused on arcade machines and a variety of issues that surround them. Click and learn!

Vendor Specific Help

American Pinball: How-To updating the Game Code on your American Pinball machine

American Pinball: Backbox Removal

American Pinball: Stage calibration (Houdini)

American Pinball: Magnet & Coil Driver replacement (Hot Wheels)

Apple Industries: Face Place Media Installation

Apple Industries: How To Setup WiFi on Your Photo Studio Deluxe

Barron Games Intl: Solenoid Release (All air hockey models)

Barron Games Intl: Error Code Troubleshooting (Quad Air)

Barron Games Intl: Error Code 22 (World Tour Foosball)

Barron Games Intl: Quad Air Goal Gate Repair

Digital Centre Photobooths: Changing Mitsubishi CP9550 Film

Digital Centre Photobooths: Changing Mitsubishi D80 Film

Digital Centre Photobooths: Uploading your logo

Jersey Jack Pinball: Jump-starting Your CPU board (All JJP Games)

Jersey Jack Pinball: Using the Test Mode (All JJP games)

Kriss-Sport: How to replace the speaker in a boxer game (Kriss-Sport boxers)

LAI Games: How to replace the headstraps (Virtual Rabbids)

Raw Thrills: Headset rework & issue fixes (King Kong of Skull Island VR)

Raw Thrills: Replacing a gun camera on Big Buck HD/Reloaded guns

Raw Thrills: Replacing a broken side-to-side potentiometer on a mounted Raw Thrills gun (Jurassic Park, Space Invaders, etc)

Raw Thrills: Replacing a broken up/down potentiometer on a mounted Raw Thrills gun (Jurassic Park, Space Invaders, etc)

Raw Thrills: Replacing the side-to-side stop in a Raw Thrills gun (Jurassic Park, Space Invaders, etc)

S&B Toy Company: Fixing Error Codes (Crane Machines)

Sega Amusements: Operator Settings Tutorial (Daytona Championship USA)

Sega Amusements: Tournament Settings Tutorial (Daytona Championship USA)

Stern Pinball: Installing the Expression Light System, LED Zepplin Pro

Stern Pinball: Setting up a Star Wars Home Pin

Valley-Dynamo: Changing a roll-down coin mech

Valley-Dynamo: Installing improved cushion rails onto a VD pool table

Valley-Dynamo: Programming your Panther ZD-X pool table

Assembly Videos

Black Hole Air Hockey (Valley-Dynamo)

Galaxy Collision/Quad Air Topper Installation (Barron Games)

ICE Ball Pro (ICE)