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X-Bike – VR Simulator


An Immersive Bike Riding VR Experience
Installed Dimensions: CALL Weight: 441lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: CALL
Electrical: 110V/220V @ 1.5 kW
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Xtrematic

Elevate your VR & bike riding experience with the X-Bike platform by Xtrematic.

X-Bike units were designed with versatility in mind, allowing locations to feature a variety of bike-based games in a Virtual Reality (VR) format. Exclusive software experiences have been created by Dreampix Studios. Compatible games/experiences for the X-Bike includes: Barcelona Moto; BMX Downhill; Dune Race (ATV racing); Air Storm: Islands of Freedom (flight combat); Jet Ski Racing; Dino Fly (ride on the back of a dinosaur!) & more. Thanks to the nature of the platform, future software can/will include the likes of : bike and motorcycle races, quad bikes, & aquabikes; even flights on the backs of powerful dinosaurs! The possibilities are endless!

The X-Bike is shaped like a futuristic motorcycle and can tilt side-to-side as well as forward and backward. It is simple to control, providing a fantastic way to immerse yourself into the virtual world with speed as the focus. You control the position of your body, and the simulator dynamically adjusts on-the-fly.

See the X-Bike in action from this manufacturer produced video.

While most VR amusement platforms are designed with a specific headset in mind, the Extreme Machine allows you to use a number of compatible VR headsets, including Oculus Rift, GearVR or the HTC Vive. This allows you to spend what you want on the VR side of the equation, saving you money.

NOTE: Being that this is a VR unit, a supervising attendant is required for proper operation of each machine, as well as the safety of each patron.

Xtrematic’s X-Bike Features:

– Specialized and unique Virtual Reality simulator from the makers of the Extreme Machine VR

– Futuristic, ergonomically designed motorcycle seat with simple multi-handle controller

– Realistic vibration (ranging from 5 – 150 Hz) and force-feedback platform

– Left-right tilt range: 15″ max; Back-forth tilt range: 12″ max.

– A variety of unique & exclusive software experiences are available to add to the unit, with more to come. All designed by Dreampix Studios

– Kiosk in front of platform can mount your own TV display for non-playing customers to see the action

– Large front mounted fan produces realistic wind effects

– Dynamic surround sound

– Link multiple units together for multiplayer excitement!

– Proven ROI of 3-6 months!

– Attendant control & payment handled via tablet

– Competitive cost compared to other VR amusement platforms!

– Remote bookkeeping and game management

– Easy first-time setup & installation – ready to go in about an hour after arrival!

– CE Certified; complies with current EU product construction regulations

– Maximum user weight load: 242 lbs.

Available Options – Please Call For Price

– Additional games/ride films

– Customization & branding options

Buyer Notes

All X-Bike units currently ship from Belarus in Eastern Europe. Due to the international shipping, monitor displays and VR headsets are NOT included. This also reduces the cost of the overall units, allowing you to purchase your own display equipment that fits your situation and budget. Recommended TV size is 39-43″. Please ask about present shipping lead times. Buyer is responsible for customs & port fees.

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