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Water Gun Fun Pixel Play - Arcade Model


Blast The Pixels, Win the Prizes
Installed Dimensions: H: 107.5″ W: 35.5″ D: 101″ Weight: CALL
Shipping Dimensions: H: 88″ W: 39″ D: 87″ Weight: 972 lbs.
Electrical: 120V @ 1.6A
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Bob’s Space Racers




Bring the excitement of true theme-park midway water gun blasting to your arcade or FEC with Pixel Play Water Gun Fun by Bob’s Space Racers. This listing is for the Arcade model.

Just like the midway, the premise of this game is simple – after credits are inserted for each player, they aim their gun at the fixed target in front of them, filling up the ‘pixels’ on the LED display. The first player to reach the top wins! The game dispenses a unique 2″ x 4″ ticket/coupon that the player can then redeem for prizes at your redemption center.

Check out the Pixel Play FEC model in action from IAAPA 2016! This differs in the size of cabinet and number of players, but plays exactly the same.

Arcade Models come with two mounted water guns per unit, and bench seating to keep players comfortable.

Bob’s Space Racers Pixel Play Water Gun Fun Arcade Model Features:

– 1-2 player midway/carnival style water gun game, designed specifically for arcades

– Attractive, “pixel/video game” themed cabinet

– Comfortable bench seating for the players

– Self-contained water system that is easy to maintain and clean

– Old-School video game themed gun cases will bring you back to the arcade of the 80s

– Aim your gun at the currently lit target (there are three) and fill the LED meter to reach the top first; automatic fire, no buttons used!

– Multi-color, animated LED display for each player

– Ships with single slot coin mechanisms at each seat. Card swipe ready

– Specialized ticket dispensers will vend unique 2″ x 4″ redemption tickets. See example to the right.

– Also available as a “Park” model, specially designed for Theme Parks; and an FEC model

– Includes a pair of standard ticket dispensers

– Includes a standard coin door; card swipe ready

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