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Valkyrie Interactive Motion Theater


Innovative Motion Theater Attraction With 8-Seats and Two screens
Installed Dimensions (w/o enclosure): H: 6.4′, W 9.1′, L 11.6′ Weight: CALL
Floor Load: Varies by Location
Electrical: 220V Three Phase 20KW (Accessories: 220V Single Phase 5KW)
Condition: New
Warranty: 1 year through Simuline
Manufacturer: CJ 4DPLEX / Simuline



Don’t just add a game to your facility, add an attraction with Simuline/CJ4XPlex’s incredible Valkyrie Interactive Motion Theater Ride.

The Valkyrie is an innovative theater that was designed to seat eight users at a time as 4 riders on each side face their own enormous 170″ HD projected screen. That’s right – two screens for this ride! Within the game, riders will get a different perspective depending on where they sit, incentivizing repeat play to see what it is like the other direction.

The seat structure sits on a 6 axis (D.O.F) electric motion base to reproduce incredible motion as the game plays. Each individual seat has vibration feedback effects while the entire group gets to experience strobe and wind effects. With a setup like this, users won’t experience another interactive theater like it!

Project HADES 4D interactive ride game

Each Valkyrie unit includes an exclusive software experience, Project HADES by Specular Interactive (H2Overdrive, Dirty Drivin, Batman). It is a zombie shooter game designed to take advantage of the Valkyrie’s unique front/rear dual screen configuration. Riders sitting in the front row face the front in the game while rear riders will view the action as though they were sitting in the back of the jeep. This means that you have to at least play twice to get the full experience!

Project HADES Zombie

Powered by Unreal Engine 4, it is also an impressive sight to behold as each screen has the detailed graphics displayed in stereoscopic 3D 1080p@120FPS. Blood effects can be deactivated by the operator; the ride lasts for approximately 4 minutes.

CJ 4DPlex’s Valkyrie Interactive Motion Theater Ride Features:

– Special attraction 5D ride seats 8 riders at time; 4 facing the front and 4 facing the back.

– Dual 170″ stereoscopic 3D HD projection screens; riders use passive 3D glasses

– Professional quality 6 axis (D.O.F) electric motion base

– Surround sound, wind and strobe light effects

– Futuristic enclosure structure is included with each purchase

– Each seat features vibration feedback & a light-gun. Each gun uses military grade laser tracking technology for top accuracy

– Safety bar for each row of riders; attendants have access to an emergency motion stop button

– Comes With Exclusive Software: Project HADES, designed by Specular Interactive (H2Overdrive; Dirty Drivin’Batman)

– Each player has their score tracked to show who was the best shooter at the end of the game!

– Attendant station also included with a TV display that is mounted to the outside of the structure so those waiting in line can see what is going on inside.

– One year manufacturer warranty included

– Please Note: With motion theater rides, these are built-to-order and ship from overseas. In the case of the Valkyrie, South Korea. Please ask about current building lead times; shipping can take 4-6 weeks. You will likely need a forklift at the receiving facility. Shipping quotes will included an installation quote. Installations are handled by Simuline staff; please call for additional cost details regarding the installation.


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