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Up & Away

SKU: 1014


Air Blast Your Way To Tickets
Installed Dimensions: H: 98.4″, W: 43.3″, D: 105.3″ Weight: 660lbs
Shipping Dimensions: CALL; Weight: 980lbs.
Electrical: 120V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Universal Space (UNIS)



Head to the stars with Up & Away, a traditional electro-mechanical ticket redemption game designed by UNIS.

When players sit down at an Up & Away, they blast off to fun! Take control of the air blast controller and push the balls up the walled ramps to the ball targets in the back. As each target is hit, the molded alien astronaut on the back of the cabinet will rocket up slightly. A countdown time ticks away and the presence of two player stations builds on the competitive spirit. Win tickets as you play, seeking to land every ball into the holes before the clock runs out!

Check out Up & Away from this manufacturer produced video

Universal Space’s Up & Away Features:

– Space travel themed skill-based redemption game
– Bright and attractive cabinet with LED lighting
– Front grate prevents balls from being blown out of the game or users grabbing them to cheat
– Designed for 1-2 players, great for any age!
– Air-powered, mounted blasters that are easy to control
– Red Numerical LED displays show tickets won, time & the Bonus
– Molded alien astronaut characters show progress
– Galaxy Bonus awarded to the first player to put all four balls into the targets
– Operator adjustable countdown timers add to the excitement.
– Simple to play, where accuracy and timing are key
– Padded bench seat brings comfort to the players
– Ticket dispensers included
– Coin slots also built into the game

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