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Time Crisis 5 (Standard)



Time Crisis Is Back, With An Innovative Dual Pedal System
Installed Dimensions: H: 84″, W: 90″, D: 70″ Weight: 1150 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: 
2 packages @ 61x32x86
2 packages @ 40x34x47
1 package @ 52x21x53
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Bandai Namco

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD/VIEW THE TIME CRISIS 5 BROCHURE (PDF; images obtained from Arcade Heroes with permission)


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20 years after Namco changed the game with their innovative Time Crisis arcade game, the series is back with Time Crisis 5. The new iteration of the idea features two 55″ screens (one for each player), a redesigned pistol and a brand new Dual Pedal cover switching system.

This new system allows players to attack from two different positions by stepping on the left or right foot pedal. Certain events even require this, such as in boss battles where you can change positions to pull off a more effective attack. The redesigned gun was made to be more reliable than other editions of Time Crisis and it also includes a Weapon Switch button. This game also sees the return of fan favorite characters such as Robert Baxter and the ever taunting Wild Dog.

Check out Time Crisis 5  in action from IAAPA 2016

Originally shipped with only three levels, all new units ship with the “True Mastermind Edition” software which adds an additional three stages for a total of six. Players will be able to find out who is really behind the attacks as they save the world from certain destruction.

Bandai Namco Time Crisis 5 Standard Features:

– Celebrating 20 years of Time Crisis, the 5th installment marks a return to a powerhouse arcade franchise

– Each player gets to enjoy the action on their own 42″ HD screen

– Currently exclusive to arcades

– New Dual Pedal cover system innovates the tried and true Time Crisis formula while providing for more possibilities of play

– Excellent graphics running at 1080p60FPS, bold colors help it stand out from dreary shooters

– Six levels to play through with the “True Mastermind Edition” software

Available in a deluxe edition with 55″ screens

– Ships with a pair of coin mechanisms; compatible with card swipe systems

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