Tickets to Prizes


Automated Redemption Center
Installed Dimensions (Single): H: 86″, W: 58″, D: 36″
Installed Dimensions (Double): H: 86″, W: 96″, D: 36″
Shipping Dimensions:
Single: H: 90″ W: 40″ D: 68″ Weight: 725 lbs.
Double (2 boxes): H: 90″ W: 40″ D: 68″ Weight: 725 lbs.
Box #2: H: 93″ W: 38″ D: 48″ Weight: 415 lbs.
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Benchmark Games Inc.

The Tickets To Prizes self-contained redemption center by Benchmark Games is an innovative product that is great for both unattended and attended locations! Available in two models, Single Prize Tree (65 selections w/ 840 small & medium prize capacity) & Two Prize Tree (107 selections with 1400 small/medium/large prize capacity.

Usage of the Tickets To Prizes is intuitive and easy. Insert your tickets, take the prize receipt then scan it in to select a prize. The system uses bar code security with accurate & reliable 4-way bar code recognition. This means if you have unused tickets that you can’t spend, the center is able to track your unspent tickets for use later! The center is easy to maintain and keep stocked, also featuring attractive lighting to showcase each product.

What Makes The Tickets To Prizes Special?

– Off-load the pressure of your attended redemption counter during busy hours or turn an unattended location into a redemption center.

– Available in two models, Single Prize Tree and Double Prize Tree

– Single Model capacity – 65 prize selection w/ 840 capacity (small/medium);

– Double Model capacity – 107 prize selections w/ 1400 capacity (Small/medium/large)

– Featured Prize compartments to showcase your best prizes

– Reliable and accurate bar-code based ticket tracking system


Check out the Tickets To Prizes system in action:

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