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Ticket Pinball


A Unique Virtual Pinball Experience Made For Redemption
Installed Dimensions: TBA
Shipping Dimensions: TBA
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Touch Magix



Do you love pinball? Do you also love redemption games? Then Ticket Pinball by Touch Magix is a perfect fit for you!

Ticket Pinball has been custom designed for a redemption experience, meaning that it was made to be a redemption game first, pinball game second. This is because normal pinball machines tend to be complex and made only to play for points, while redemption games are made for quick action that focuses on winning tickets through a bonus. While pinball machines have been fitted with ticket dispensers before, the attempts have been tacked on after-thoughts. Ticket Pinball fixes that by making redemption play it’s central focus.

It comes in a real pinball cabinet, replete with a backbox and backbox display. The game itself is virtual, so there are no moving parts that operators have to worry about.  The game itself is a very simplified form of pinball, where you launch the pinball with the plunger, then use the flippers to knock the ball around the playfield. Ticket targets will appear that have to be hit by the ball. Reach a certain amount before the timer runs out to start the Bonus round!

Stay tuned for video footage of Ticket Pinball via Amusement Expo 2020!

Touch Magix’s Ticket Pinball Features:

– The first virtual pinball game tailored specifically for redemption play

– Striking pinball cabinet with backbox, 2nd display and high contrast artwork

– Simple gameplay that anyone can understand and enjoy!

– Real pinball controls with a spring-loaded plunger & two buttons

– Operator adjustable bonus feature

– Main monitor: 42″ HD display; Backbox: 17″ HD display

– Thumping music through the 2.1 ch sound system

– 1x Ticket dispenser included; eTicket compatible

– Standard 2-slot coin door

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