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Tic Shaq Toe Basketball



Play Tic Tac Toe Shaq’s Way!
Installed Dimensions: H:130″ W:50″ D:110″ Weight: 500lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: TBA
Electrical: 110V @230W, 2.3A
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Andamiro USA



Join basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal in a game of basketball tic-tac-toe with Tic Shaq Toe by Andamiro USA.

Tic Shaq Toe is a unique mixture of two classic gaming concepts. 1 or 2 players take turns shooting hoops at the X/O grid – red player is Xs, blue player is Os. When it’s your turn, a shot clock counts down giving you a chance to land a basket within the grid. If it lands in an unmarked spot, you claim it as X or O respectively. If you land in an opponent’s already marked spot, your turn is over; If you land in a hoop you already claimed, keep shooting until you land it in another. It’s an easy and fun concept that is further enhanced with the Shaq’s Garage license, an up-and-coming cartoon starring basketball player Shaquille O’Neal as a talking truck.

Check out Tic Shaq Toe from Amusement Expo 2023. This video is available in 4K UHD, as are all of our other videos in recent years; Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you never miss a new product!

Andamiro USA’s Tic Shaq Toe Basketball Features

– Unique concept which blends two simple games into one for a fun new concept in gaming

– Officially licensed Shaq’s Garage product

– Standard basketball arcade cabinet shape, but draped in bright cyan/yellow/green colors

– 9 “hoops” each with etched plexi and red/blue LED lighting (red = X, blue = O)

– Red LED counters for shot clock and score

– Digital voiceovers from characters in the show

– Easy to move using castor wheels; Set in place with screw-down feet

– 2x ticket dispensers for optional redemption

– Automated light show for attract mode

– Coin or card swipe ready

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