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Synth Riders



Immerse Yourself Into The Synthwave
Installed Dimensions: TBA
Shipping Dimensions: TBA
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: VRsenal



Immerse yourself into the music with Synth Riders: A Dance-Action Rhythm Game by Kluge Interactive & VRsenal.

This is an arcade (pay-per-play) adaptation of the home VR game, bringing a unique twist to rhythm gaming into a space that is usually dominated by foot-controlled music games like Dance Dance Revolution. Players credit up the game, don the VR headset, pick their song then ride the synths as colored notes will approach them. Use your controllers to move the in-game digital shields to capture/block the notes. The more notes you hit, the more points you get!

This game comes in VRsenal’s Monolith cabinet, which features a small 7.25 sq ft footprint, no attendant required. It also does not feature an expensive overheard gantry, which further lowers the cost of the overall game. When unused, the HTC Vive Focus 3 headset and controllers are instead held in place with pegs. Furthermore, the headset is attached to the game using an exclusive video cable, designed by VRsenal to withstand the rigors of the arcade space. This cable, often the main failure point of arcade VR games, comes with a two year warranty, giving operators peace of mind. This cabinet also shows what the user sees in the headset via 50″ 4K screen.

Here’s Synth Riders as filmed at the IAAPA 2022 tradeshow by our friends over at Arcade Heroes. We’ll have our own footage of this game up soon.

VRsenal’s Synth Riders Features

– A fun and unique twist on rhythm gaming for the arcade space

– One of the most affordable VR arcade games on today’s market

– Small footprint and no attendant required means it is great for most venues

– HTC Vive Focus 3 commercial-grade headset, fully armored for durability

– Exclusive VRsenal video cable designed for arcade up-time

– Pegs for holding the headset & always-charged controllers when not in-use

– 1-player at a time

– Headset graphics are also displayed on the 50″ 4K display

– Multiple songs to choose from, all coming from the “synthwave” genre of music

– Powered using a VR-ready PC (Intel CPU, nVidia GPU, SSD)

– 3/8-inch Acrylic Face and Side Panels with Back lit Vinyl Graphics

– Hi-fidelity 250W sound system to pump the tunes

– Card swipe/CC ready

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